Ways to substantially increase your legend in ‘Ghost of Tsushima’

Ghost of Tsushima gameplay snapshot

Ghost of Tsushima is an action-adventure about a samurai duking it out against invading Mongols. While the game’s flashy action scenes are its main highlight, it also espouses an RPG element that makes it more interesting. This meant that Jin Sakai grows with every feat, no matter how small, he has attained throughout his journey.

Making the system custom-tailored for the game, however, players will get to see Jin develop via a Legend meter that grants a Technique Point when filled. Technique Point, in turn, is used to avail of the protagonist’s locked skills and abilities, improving his fighting capability.

Here are a few effective ways you could earn Legend throughout the game:

Liberate Occupied Territories

Throughout the map in Ghost of Tsushima, you will come across areas that have been occupied by the Mongols. Clearing such places off of their oppressive invaders nets you a substantial boost to your Legend by talking to the emancipated natives.

Not all Mongol-infested territories give the same amount of Legend boost, however. Some offer bigger or small amount, depending on the extent of the map and the difficulty of the task. Generally speaking, though, the harder the place is to liberate, the greater the points it gives off back as reward.

Play Through the Main Campaign

Getting through the game’s storyline is an effort-intensive task that has you fighting off enemies or accomplishing pre-determined goals. For something that requires action from the protagonist, merely going through the game’s Tales is an endeavor that pays off with Legend enhancements.

Going through just the overall campaign, however, may not be sufficient enough to unlock Jin Sakai’s full potential. But therein goes the side-quests in the form of Mythic Tales and Tales of Tsushima which themselves add substantial values to your Legend meter.

Bring Light to Lighthouses

The game’s overall map is dotted with several lighthouses that are yet without lighting. While spread apart from one place to the next, all lighthouses in-game share commonality of being located by the shore. This makes finding lighthouses relatively easy from the field. As you would expect for a task so easy, doing this only gives a minor bump to your Legend meter.

Win Against Random Opponents

Sucker Punch Productions deliberately made the game more of an action-oriented game instead of an RPG. Nowhere is this notion more obvious than the amount of points you get whenever you kill a random opponent. To say the least, the payoff is very minimal and may not be noticeable at all. However, raising your Legend through this route is definitely possible, if you have the patience for it.

Image used courtesy of KhrazeGaming/YouTube Screenshot

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