Weapon customization using blueprints comes with this week’s ‘COD: Modern Warfare’ update

'COD: Modern Warfare' Gunsmith Customs feature

Arriving to COD: Modern Warfare in all platforms is an update that contains a feature that lets players mix and match weapon parts using existing blueprints via the Gunsmith Customs.

Once it rolled out, the update and its contents will be downloadable to the game across all platforms.

Coming from the developer themselves, Infinity Ward claims that the Gunsmith Customs is designed at giving players personalized weapons in-game.

Most ostensive changes to each custom weapons are obviously found in the aesthetics department. This means players would be seeing weird-looking guns as soon as the update kicked off.

More than Just the Looks

But players should also know that the look is only one part of any weapon, especially for a shooting game like Modern Warfare. Furthermore, players also ought to take into account the ‘stats’ that come with each part when making a configured build.

As some gun parts can be more or less potent than others, it’s likely that players who have high-grade parts may gain a significant advantage in the battlefield.

As of writing, Infinity Ward did not disclose more than what the added feature is about. However, it claims that further information will be announced as the update nears it rollout release.

A Limited Period Event

Meanwhile, there is more to the Call of Duty franchise than Modern Warfare getting Gunsmith Customs. To coincide with the arrival of the update, Infinity Ward is said to be launching a double EXP event. Participants of this limited-time event are subject to increased experience gains that they can leverage for in-game perks.

In addition, COD: Modern Warfare will also be getting an update to its Multiplayer Playlist with the comeback of ‘Shoot the Ship.’ Of interest, the playlist will include two of the game’s most popular maps, namely Shoot House and shipment 24/7.

Warzone players, on the other hand, will get a new contract type that gives off massive payoff to the entire squad if accomplished.

Another Update

In different news that relates to both Modern Warfare and Warzone, a different update is also slated for release to both games on April 28, 2020.

While Infinity Ward is yet to reveal the entirety of the update, it disclosed an alteration to Warzone. Specifically, a needed adjustment to its gas circle and along with various improvements aimed at stability and bug fixes.

Surprisingly, the said update will not come as a single downloadable package. Instead, it will come in two. The first being an automatic download and the second being manual and, therefore, potentially optional.

Image used courtesy of Twitter/MWModernWarfare

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