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Wear OS now features hand washing reminders


The v5.4o update from the Google Clock app has now included a hand washing reminder feature in Wear OS smartwatches. Google Clock application will send alerts every three hours to the users as a reminder to wash their hands.

This hand wash feature allows a three-second countdown before the act and a 40-second timer for you to wash your hands thoroughly. The feature includes constant reminders after every hand washing session. You can also customize the alerts by putting it into silent mode.

The newly added feature in the v5.4o update has two alerts: the alert notifies users to wash their hands every three hours, and if they have spent enough time washing their hands carefully. These attributes deliver information that serves as an update to the users. The added feature also helps users stay on track with the handwashing routine they are trying to imply.

Users also adapted and became aware of the preventive measure they can apply because of this added feature in the v5.4o update. In addition to its assistance in hand washing, this feature can also help you not only to wash your hands but to stretch some muscles as well by standing up and going to the bathroom several times.

Relevance to current happenings

Because of the pandemic that is happening today, this additional feature will help people multiply their prevention against COVID-19. Many people disregard the fact that washing their hands helps a lot in fighting bacteria and viruses that can cause infection. Some people do not consider the fact that washing their hands more often means protecting their bodies twice as much.

Since Google has launched a new feature in their Wear OS Smart Watches, it can give people convenience and comfort in reminding themselves to wash their hands. The World Health Organization says that singing the Happy Birthday song twice while washing your hands is a standard time enough to clean your hands thoroughly.

After washing your hands thoroughly, will send you reminders for multiple times more for you to stay preventive of COVID-19. The new feature of Wear OS Smartwatches supplies superior assistance, given the fact that washing our hands with soap is one of the primary preventive measures against COVID-19. Overall, the feature included in the v5.4o update is a response to the pandemic everyone is experiencing right now.

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