Wendy Williams stuns fans after disturbing health scare

Wendy Williams came back fresh—and slimmer—during the premiere of her

Aside from marking her show’s new season, Wendy Williams also took the chance to welcome her new self on Monday.

During the premiere of The Wendy Williams Show, Williams flaunted her remarkable weight loss journey before going back on air.

The 56-year-old host stepped on stage again after the in-studio halted in March due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Highlighting her slimmer physique with a neon yellow dress, Williams opened up about her recent and successful weight loss journey. She also confessed something about looking for “the comfort of a man.”

“I am using the show to fish. I mean, I’m doing this show for you, for me and everybody around here, but in the back of my mind I’m always wondering, I hope he’s watching,” the host said before hoping he would call.

She then exclaimed that throughout the lockdown period, she lost 25 pounds. Although it seemed like she purposely lost weight while staying at home, she clarified that it was not the case.

Per the Queen of All Media, taking food into her system became disgusting to her, pushing herself to lose weight instead.

What She Went Through During Pandemic

Williams said that before her weight loss revelation, she only cooked meals for herself at home. But after trying all the lobsters, king crab, and hot dogs, she, reportedly, thought that she is done with food.

Aside from watching her food intake, the TV show host also underwent colonoscopy.

Before doing the procedure, she realized that she had not weighed that little since high school. Because of this, she reminded her viewers to always take care of themselves.

Although the host’s romance remains silent as before, she assured that she feels good right now.

Williams’s Brave Come Back

After canceling the in-studio production in March, she resumed filming her show from home until mid-May.

However, she announced another indefinite hiatus due to the complications from Grave’s disease.

Through the show’s official Instagram account, she revealed that she was suffering from worsening symptoms of the disease.

“Recently, Wendy has been dealing with symptoms from her Graves’ disease, which is causing fatigue,” read the announcement on Instagram. “In consultation with her doctor and as a precautionary measure, she will be taking some time off as she continues to receive treatment.”

In 2018, Williams took a break as well, due to the same autoimmune disease.

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