Wendy Williams wants Brad Pitt with Jennifer Aniston not Angelina Jolie

Wendy Williams wants Brad Pitt with Jennifer Aniston not Angelina Jolie

Wendy Williams commented about Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie’s legal battle and ended up saying she wanted Pitt with Jennifer Aniston, not Jolie.

Wendy Williams has returned to her show, and she is very outspoken about all issues in Hollywood. Just recently, she gave her thoughts about Jennifer Aniston, Brad Pitt, and Angelina Jolie.

Wendy Williams wants Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston together

Wendy Williams and Devyn Simone discussed the legal battle between exes Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. Simone shared that Pitt wanted 50-50 custody, and Williams agreed that it was fair.

Simone also shared some updates about Jolie and Pitt’s custody trial with the exes calling out psychiatrists and other experts to help the judge decide. They also asked Jolie’s Girl Interrupted co-star to be on the stand.

“Why can they agree on 50-50? Who wants all those kids?” Williams asked.

Williams suggested that they could have the kids for six weeks at a time. The host felt that Jolie was not happy with Pitt having a 20-year-old plus girlfriend referring to Nicole Poturalski.

During the conversation, Williams said, “I don’t want them to reconcile,” referring to Pitt and Jolie.

“I want him and Jen to reconcile,” she added to which Simone said, “yeah.”

Williams didn’t really say much to explain why she was rooting for Pitt and Aniston. She just said she loved The Morning Show.

Williams had a poll

In August, Wendy Williams took to Twitter and asked fans which celebrity couple they would like to rekindle their romance. The majority wanted Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston together. It looked like Williams was among them.

Most of those who responded did not have a hard time looking for answers. They immediately dropped Pitt and Aniston’s names.

However, many also urged the others to stop rooting for the exes because they have already moved on. Others didn’t want Aniston to take back Pitt because he allegedly cheated on her.

Pitt didn’t cheat on Aniston

Meanwhile, there are many Twitter users who also defended Brad Pitt from speculations that he cheated on Jennifer Aniston.

According to one user, her uncle is friends with Brad Pitt, and he didn’t cheat on Aniston. They just got divorced when he started dating Angelina Jolie.

Pitt also denied the cheating rumors. The netizens should stop dwelling on it the cheating rumors because all the parties involved had already moved on.

Pitt and Aniston remain good friends. In fact, they just reunited and worked together for the Fast Times virtual table read.


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