‘Westworld’ season 4 hints Evan Rachel Wood will not return

Westworld season 4 is officially returning and the showrunners hint possible removal of Evan Rachel Wood’s character. Moreover, the Man in Black returns to kill everyone.

Westworld season 3 left the viewers with another mind-bending plot that featured Dolores’ vengeful actions. It appears that Dolores became a killing machine because of what she seemed to know that will come to pass. Hence, she lost control and started killing everyone coming to her path.

The sci-fi drama series returns to HBO for the fourth season. Fortunately, showrunners Lisa Joy and Jonathan Nolan tease a glimpse of what might transpire in season 4. Fans have been clamoring for plot details especially on the role of Evan Rachel Wood who seemingly died in the third season.

Jonathan Nolan seemingly confirms Wood’s exit

Westworld season 3 revealed the cruel fate of Dolores. When Rehoboam and Serac captured her to take out the information about the Delos guest, Rehoboam also intends to delete all the memories. Everything in her memory including the first time she met William, the last time she saw William. It appears that Dolores is finally gone.

The brilliant writer and showrunner, Jonathan Nolan confirmed that Evan Rachel Wood’s character is gone. He said,

“Let me clarify: Dolores is gone. We’re not yet discussing publicly the direction the show is taking, but the fun thing about this show is, you know, from the beginning Lisa [Joy] and I wanted to make a show that constantly reinvented itself, that could be a different show every season. “I think it’s important with a show in which death can be impermanent – these are robots, after all – to mark the occasion with Dolores. That version of that character is gone.”

He then added,

“I would say it’s final. It’s because of that impermanence and the fact that this is … I mean, it’s tricky, right? Because I think people will be expecting otherwise. Denise spent a lot of time crafting those scenes in the finale. The idea that her memories would be erased and destroyed one at a time is very evocative and very emotional and suggests that we will never see Dolores as we’ve known her.”

The Man in Black will kill everyone

Nolan also hints at the return of The Black Man. Unfortunately, The Black Man seemingly shares Dolores’ dream of annihilating everyone. Nolan explained,

“And on a visceral level, I just can’t wait to watch Ed kill everyone.”


Ed Harris who plays the Man in Black is excited about his upcoming role. He added,

“I have no idea what they have planned for me. I’m teamed with Tessa, I know. Hopefully, we can do some rightful damage.”

Westworld season 4 release date

It’s still too early to tell about the official release date, however, based on the previous patterns of release, the show might arrive in 2022.


Image Courtesy Of HBOAsia/Youtube Screenshot


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