What are the ‘Apex Legends’ LTEs during this September Soiree

Respawn Entertainment has just launched the September Soiree event for Apex Legends, and it’s a good one. The event which lasts until October will have some amazing LTEs in store for players.

The September Soiree event for Apex Legends will bring in a new event each week. Players should take this as an opportunity to enjoy a variety of new ways in playing the battle royale. Community leaker Shrugtal has just revealed the order of the events coming to the game. Here’s how each of the mode plays.

King’s Canyon: After Dark

For those that miss the good old days, this LTE is a must. This mode basically brings back the classic King’s Canyon. This means the return of favorite spots like Skull Town and Hydro Dam. Players who missed out in these key areas before should test out the LTE as soon as possible.

Armed and Dangerous

This LTE has been on and off in the game as it is very popular. Players are more or less familiar with it already.

In Armed and Dangerous, only shotguns and snipers will be in the rotation. Players will also have access to armors up to level two only. In the previous iteration of this mode, players had access to Evo Shields. However, it’s likely that classic armors are only a part of this LTE.


LIVE.DIE.LIVE is one of the most chaotic LTEs in Apex Legends. Basically, all players need to do is ensure that their team isn’t wiped out after a clash. As the ring closes in, any fallen members of a squad will drop into the map again. They’ll be dropping without their equipment, however.

This means that players are always capable of catching up no matter what. The key is learning when to run away and when to engage.

Dummies Day Out

Dummies Day Out is a fun mode wherein players use Dummies instead of the usual legends. The Dummies have unique abilities, not in the main game mode. Their ultimate abilities are random but again, different. This LTE was one of the most popular modes during the Soiree event in February.

These new modes are available in Apex Legends up until October. Players should try it out while these are still available. It’s going to be fun playing the battle royale with a different setup. Hopefully, the developers have another Soiree event right before the year ends.

Image used courtesy of Apex Legends/Twitter

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