What are the most popular sporting events to bet on?


Sports betting is incredibly popular around the world and in terms of the events that we can bet on, there has never been a choice as good as what we have right now.

From the major sports such as football, golf, and tennis to much smaller sports like cycling, handball, netball, and more. If you like a sport and want to bet on it, the chances are that at least one bookmaker will offer odds on the games you want to watch and bet on.

Despite this very broad feel to the industry though, some major events stick out as being the most popular events to bet on. These are the main ones that get us all excited, and the key here is that they also attract people to watch who wouldn’t normally watch that particular sport.

This shows their appeal, and when people are watching sport, many are also betting on it, so there is a correlation between the number of people watching and the number of people betting.

But what events throughout the sporting calendar are the biggest and the most popular sporting events to bet on? Here we run through some of the biggest events which catch the eye of gamblers and provide betting opportunities for both strong followers and casual fans.

How to Bet on the Big Events?

We will get onto the big events themselves very soon, but first, we need to look at how to bet on the big events. For many, this means betting on who will win, and for this reason, the outright betting markets are used a lot in the build-up to things starting. This is especially the case with people who are only casual fans, rather than betting on each game or day of action, they will place one bet on who will win at the start of the event.
For those looking to place bets and wondering how to pay, there are many options available with the bookmakers. These include traditional payment methods but in recent years we have seen a boom in cryptocurrency betting.

The security aspect of crypto betting its reliability makes it stand out from the crowd, and if you are looking for a safe way to pay for your wagers then crypto betting is certainly that. With many people getting involved and finding crypto betting, guides such as crypto betting sites give users the information they need to get started and to find bookmakers that accept crypto payments from players.

With a betting account that is funded, it is time to look for what you want to bet on and the big events that stand out.

Football World Cup

The football World Cup is the greatest and biggest football tournament in world football. The best nations from all over the world qualify for this event via local qualifying tournaments and then come together for one big tournament to see which national football team is the best.

It is a tournament that football fans get excited about, and comes around once every four years. However, it is also a tournament that attracts casual football fans, those who wouldn’t watch too many games usually, but they want to watch these because they are the best the game has to offer.

The tournament moves around the globe and is hosted by different countries each time it is played, which adds another element to the interest. For example, a country like Brazil, which is heavily passionate about football, will see a huge boost in numbers watching the games because everyone in the country has football fever.

In terms of betting on football, the most popular event is certainly the World Cup. This is an international tournament that brings together the best teams and players once every four years for something special.

Golf Majors

Golf fans and general sports fans will know that throughout the golfing season, we have four major championships that are played. There is The Masters, The Open, The PGA Championship, and the US Open.

If casual fans of golf tune in to watch any events over the year, these four are likely to be the ones they watch. When it comes to betting on golf, majors begin on a Thursday, with four days of action until the Sunday when a winner is crowned.

Each player who reaches the end will play four total rounds of golf, while there is a cut in the middle after two to take out those who are struggling.

Those who watch regular golf and bet on the sport a lot will more than likely find different ways to bet across the four days but when it comes to casual golf fans looking to have an interest, betting on who will win the tournament before it starts is usually the way forward.
With such a big field and a lot of competition, you will often be rewarded with big prices if you get the winner right in a golf major.

Tennis Grand Slam Events

Just like we have four major events in golf, we have four tennis Grand Slam events in this sport. These are the Australian Open, French Open, Wimbledon, and the US Open, and again if casual fans are looking for tennis tournaments to watch, these are the four that will attract the most attention.

It is where the big players all come to play, and those who are at the top of their game will focus their entire season around being in perfect shape for these events. We have seen some dramatic matches at these events over the years, showing that tennis can be a very exciting sport to watch and bet on.

Whether you are betting on individual games each day or picking out a tournament winner at the start and placing just one bet, tennis betting is always exciting and these four Grand Slam events are what attract the most interest.
Big Worldwide Horse Racing Events

Horse racing has a lot of fans in some countries, and is a very traditional sport, though in others there is not much love for it. Around the globe we have big race meetings taking place, and when these happen they attract both horses and spectators from other parts of the world.

Meeting such as the Dubai World Cup, Royal Ascot, the Breeders Cup, and the Melbourne Cup are some of the biggest on the calendar in any sport, and certainly, lead the way when it comes to horse racing.

Even with the time difference to deal with, many punters and sports fans will tune in to watch these races as they happen to live, usually because they have local runners at the meeting, even if it is taking place across the other side of the world.

Horse racing and betting go together, it is a sport that has survived due to betting and is connected to it like no other. So, when a lot of people are tuning in to watch a horse race, they are also going to be betting on it and when a horse meeting thrives and attracts interest, that is always good news for the bookmakers taking bets.

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