What do people think of the allegations thrown against Ellen DeGeneres?

Ellen DeGeneres

Celebrities and fans alike are now weighing in on the controversy involving Ellen DeGeneres. With different allegations here and there, what do people now think of the 62-year-old host?

A lot of celebrities are now breaking their silence over the issues surrounding Ellen DeGeneres. There are also ongoing online debates, discussing the real personality of Portia de Rossi’s partner and allegations.

The allegations made against DeGeneres

In a discussion on Quora, one fan asked what people think of the allegations thrown against DeGeneres.

Ruby Jael Clower said the controversy the comedian is now into is horrible for her.

“When the pandemic was raging on, she decided to fire all her regular staff for her show and hire non-unionized workers,” she said. “They were hired to fill the slot vacated by her regular staff to film her show at home due to the stay at home order.”

“She has been successful for a while,” she continued. “But this litigation (if there is any) will surely get her fired or blacklisted in Tinsel town.”

Sandra Bohn added the stories about DeGeneres came like a rapid-fire. It even came “more disturbing” as time goes by.

Recently, DeGeneres made headlines for comparing quarantine life to being in jail.

“I believe that’s when people stopped believing she was as kind and caring as she seemed,” Bohn explained. “There are a lot of egotistical narcissists in Hollywood that became monsters when they were given power in the industry or, the more famous they become.”

In addition, Gary Bates claimed he believed everything that was said about DeGeneres was true.

“I believe them to be true. Have you ever watched her show, Game of Games?” he asked. “She exhibits a sadistic type of behavior on that show.”

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Celebrities weighed in on DeGeneres’ controversy

Celebrities also weigh in on the scandal DeGeneres faces. The record executive Scooter Braun said people love to take shots and see others fall, Us Weekly noted.

“How quickly so many forget,” he said on a tweet. “How easy it is to stay quiet when it doesn’t effect [sic] them.”

The equally controversial media proprietor described DeGeneres as a “kind, thoughtful, and courageous” person who stands for what is right. He also commended her for highlighting the best about people on The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

“She has helped change the views for equality all around the country and the world. Braun added. “She doesn’t do what is popular; she does what is right. Her story shows us that.”

Braun sent his love for DeGeneres, knowing how much she helps people firsthand with or without anyone’s knowledge. “@theellenshow, thank you for all you do and keep your head held high,” he concluded his tweet.

However, Brad Garrett revealed he knows “more than one person” that is “horribly” treated by Ellen DeGeneres. Leah Thompson agreed with Garrett’s claim, as the latter added the host’s “bad behavior is common knowledge.”

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