What players think about the NBA snitch line

The NBA snitch line is the current hot topic among players in the league right now, and they are unanimous in downplaying its purpose in the NBA bubble.

The NBA is serious about its protocols inside the Orlando bubble. It is serious up to the point of sending out a thorough 113-page handbook for teams to follow. Highlighted in that book is the importance of maintaining a safe distance between and among players when not playing. Also, it is emphasized that players have to keep their masks on if said so in the book.

Outside the bubble, players can go on with their usual lives. They normally socialize by visiting each other’s house, dining out, or partying all night. Unfortunately, they can’t do anything ‘normal’ inside the bubble. Otherwise, they’d get in big trouble under the watchful eyes of the league.

NBA snitch line issue among players

The NBA has put in place a hotline for any person inside the bubble to report any player or staff that is violating protocols. It was put in place to strengthen the oversight among the participants further. It has been used just recently, and several players have reportedly been reprimanded for their actions.

The bosses in the NBA are not messing around. Richaun Holmes of the Sacramento Kings has just been put into another eight to ten days of quarantine. He just stepped over the border where players aren’t allowed to go cross. He will have to go under more rigorous testing just because of his actions.

What do NBA players think about the hotline?

Rudy Gobert of the Utah Jazz personally thinks that the hotline is unnecessary. He said that the bubble is just for respecting each other’s health. Nonetheless, he thinks that the implementation of the phone line is ‘petty.’ He said,

“I think everyone’s educated about the virus at this point. You want to make sure you do socialize and do all those things, but by still respecting each other’s space. And try to wear the mask inside, especially when it’s crowded.”

Other players think the same way. Spencer Dinwiddie of the Brooklyn Nets, despite not joining his team, has warned players not to use the ‘snitch hotline.’ The issue about the phone number immediately caught the attention of the Twitterverse. It was quick to point fingers.

Unfortunately, Chris Paul got the shorter end of the stick in this one. No one outside the bubble can confirm who made the calls. Nonetheless, Twitter users think that Paul was the one who snitched on his fellow NBA players.

Image used courtesy of Kathy Hutchins/Shutterstock

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