What do the critics and gamers think about ‘Star Wars Squadrons’?

We’ve got a lot of amazing releases this month and one of which has just launched. Those who are fans of the space battles in Star Wars will definitely get their fill with Star Wars Squadrons.

EA just launched Star Wars Squadrons, and fans of the series are getting another great game after Jedi Fallen Order from last year. The game has been received generally well, but there’s still a lot to dig about why this space fighter is currently loved. Here’s what the critics of the game have to say.

Stunning visuals

The game features amazing visuals as it should. EA wanted to take Star Wars fans to a near reality simulation of what it would be like fighting for either the Empire or the Resistance in space. IGN’s review on the game praises the stunning visuals and audio that the game has to offer.

The experience is made even more impressive when the game is played in VR. For fans of the franchise and the TIE Fighter games released decades ago, this new title is an excellent entry that will certainly be remembered for years to come.

Fair progression and generous content

EA has certainly learned from the follies of Star Wars Battlefront II. Star Wars Squadron features a fair progression system that sees players unlock free cosmetics as they play the game. They’ll be unlocking skins for their pilots as well as their space crafts for free.

As the game features a single-player and multiplayer experience, there is always something to keep players busy. These two factors combined make the title a surprisingly generous entry that will take hours to complete.

Deep customization

The game allows players to customize their ship and their pilots. Even the insides of the ship can be customized so that players can see some neat knick-knacks while they are fighting in space. Customization goes beyond aesthetic items.

Players can also customize their UI as they see fit. Whether they are going for immersion or usability, the options are vast. Basically, players can tailor-make the experience depending on what suits them most.

The overall reception on Star Wars Squadrons has been great so far. It seems that the developers have a great plan ahead for this game, so players can expect to see more content in the future. Hopefully, there’ll be more missions and cosmetics for players.

Image used courtesy EA Star Wars/YouTube

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