What happened in the ‘Fortnite’ live event?

Fortnite is raring to go into its third season, and it started with a bang as The Device live event finally happened a few hours ago. However, some things when wrong during the Fortnite live event leading to many players being unable to join in on the fun.

A lot of players were disappointed with the Fornite live event but for all the right reasons. As players flocked the game, many were unable to join in on the fun. Since this is a live event, there are no second takes, and players unable to join have no other choice but to watch the event unfold elsewhere. Here’s what went down during The Device.

What happened in The Device

The Device was scheduled to start at 2:00 PM ET. While players were in the game, the fighting suddenly came to a halt.  The scene then cuts to hatches popping around The Agency. The Device turned out to be a huge orb within The Agency, and it rose above the map, which then caused a huge storm.

The ensuing storm resulted in huge walls of water surrounding the building and everyone around it. The orb then pushed back the storm, making it disappear from the map completely.

The recent Fornite live event was revealed via cutscenes of The Device rising to a view of an office. Players can hear discussions about The Device until Jonesy, Fortnite’s poster boy, walked into the room.

The event cuts there, and players will have to wait until the start of the next season to see what happens to the game and the map.

What’s next?

Upon jumping into a match, players will notice that The Agency is destroyed, but that’s as far as the changes go. It seems like the map will fully change once the new season arrives.

True to the leaks and speculations, it seems like the next season will focus on more underwater content in the game. Fornite is once again set to receive a battle pass with content that’s going to be related to the theme of the current season.

The Fortnite live event kicks off the next season of the game. It will start later this week, and if the leaks mean anything, it seems like players are going to dive deep into the map. It will be exciting to see how the new map changes play out in the battle royale.


Image used courtesy of Epic Games

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