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What is ‘Among Us’ – the latest mobile smash hit everyone is crazy about?


Mobile gaming is a challenging avenue for gaming companies, as there are countless games that launch each day. Among Us did the impossible and was able to become a smash-hit despite the odds behind it.

Among Us is one of the most popular mobile games right now. It even reached over 1.5 million players just recently. It’s a very simple game, but despite this, people can’t seem to put their phones down once they start playing this game. What is the craze all about?


It’s tough to give the game a genre as it seems like it’s on a field of its own. Basically, it’s a game that pits crew members against impostors. To win, the crew members have to complete their own tasks, which range from fixing lights, refueling tanks, and even swiping IDs.

The impostors, on the other hand, have to avoid being out by the team. They can sabotage some of the systems on the map to stall the crew members. Most importantly, they can kill the crew members. The goal is to take out enough so that the number of crew members and impostors are the same.

In Among Us, crew members can report dead bodies. Once they do, all players who are still alive can discuss with one another and vote another player out. This is where the fun in the game begins as deception and lying become a crucial part. Impostors can put the blame on others so that they can take out crew members without having to risk being caught killing another.

What’s next?

The game has been available since 2018 and was only popularized recently. There are a few issues in the game, particularly with the servers. Instead of fixing the game, the developers have instead decided to focus on making a sequel instead.

They haven’t revealed anything about the sequel. However, they’ve confirmed that they will improve upon the foundations laid on the game already. This might mean better servers, better visuals, and more. We’ll just have to wait and see exactly what Innersloth has in store for us.

Among Us is proof that even old mobile games can rise through the ranks quickly. Those who haven’t tried the game should go soon. It has an addictive loop that makes the game hard to put down. Of course, the server issues are still present so players will need to have a bit of patience when playing the game.

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