What is ‘Minecraft Dungeons’ Apocalypse mode and how to reach it

Minecraft Dungeons is a highly accessible dungeon crawler that everyone in the family can enjoy. While it can be made easy enough, the Minecraft Dungeons Apocalypse mode is an answer to those who are up for a challenge in the game.

When players have done all that they can in the game, the best way to enjoy it is by kickstarting Minecraft Dungeons Apocalypse mode. Here’s what it is and what should be done to unlock it.

What is Apocalypse mode, and how is it unlocked?

To unlock Apocalypse mode, players will have to beat all 10 story missions in the game’s Adventure Mode. Once players are done with that, they can journey with Apocalypse mode initiated whenever they want. Furthermore, the mode acts like an endgame mode for Minecraft Dungeons.

What are the changes in Apocalypse mode?

True to its name, Minecraft Dungeons Apocalypse mode is all about the heightened difficulty. This means those who are up for a challenge in this otherwise casual game. In terms of upping the difficulty, the game sets the bar in numerous ways.

In the new mode, players will have to face stronger mobs. These mobs will come with increased attack and health, so this means if players are at a low enough level, they can get decimated pretty easily. As such, Apocalypse mode is reserved for those who have already maximized the stats of their characters to a certain extent.

It goes without saying that the bosses in the game are generally stronger too. While players can finish missions alone in regular difficulties, having a helping hand is a must in Apocalypse mode.

Another way the developers upped the difficulty is by adding mode Enchanted enemies to mobs. These are enemies that have some sort of special buffs to them. Enchanted mobs are the most dangerous part of the game, which players should prepare for.

What are the rewards?

By playing in Apocalypse mode, players will have the chance to get better rewards and unlock more Artifacts in the game. There are some items that are locked behind this mode, so if players want to fully reach their potential, then trying out this difficulty is a must.

Minecraft Dungeons Apocalypse mode is a completely optional way to play the game. Before players try it out, however, it’s best that they come in with the best equipment and Artifacts so that they have better chances of making it out alive.


Image used courtesy of Minecraft/YouTube

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