What is the real personality of Gong Yoo?

South Korean actor Gong Yoo shares his friendship with Lee Dong Wook and his real personality.

On the November 25 broadcast of You Quiz on the Block of tvN, Gong Yoo appeared as a guest and talked about his co-star Lee Dong Wook and his real personality.

Gong Yoo living life normally

While the host is catching up with the star, Jo Se Ho asked what it is like to live like him. He replied that he never thought about that because he is merely living his everyday life naturally.

Gong Yoo added that there is a unique image that was created in him because of the roles he acted upon in films and series in the past. But as Gong Ji Chul (the birth name of Gong Yoo), he is an average person, and nothing stands out.

What is his personality?

On his personality, he shared that he is absentminded more than people think and not affectionate because it makes him cringe.

Gong Yoo even compared himself to his character in Coffee Prince and said that Choi Han Gyul is sweet to his family.

The actor explained that he does not tend to be bold or courageous when it comes to love; he can only confess his feelings that he become one of his characters.

The old friend

Later in the show, he mentioned his Goblin co-star Lee Dong Wook. He brought up the coffee and snack truck that Lee Dong Wook sent to You Quiz on the Block’s location. Gong Yoo described him as a clover one and killed three birds with one stone.

Lee Dong Wook is like an actual fox that is also his character in Tale of the Nine-Tailed.

The actor also shared that he does not get upset quickly. Instead, he would say that other people often get upset because of him.

In response, Yoo Jae Suk jokingly said that seeing him that has a lot to say about it makes him look upset.


Image courtesy of EonTalk/YouTube Screenshot

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