What makes Brad Pitt one of the wealthiest stars in Hollywood?

Brad Pitt

Brad Pitt is, probably, one of the wealthiest stars in Hollywood. He can make $10 million from one movie alone. But aside from films, he earns a staggering $7 million for one perfume commercial.

With $300 million net worth to his name, Brad Pitt is one of the highest-paid stars in the business. However, before he has reached this status, just like everybody else, he started modestly.

A fat paycheck for Pitt

Everything started when Pitt joined the cast of the 1991 movie, Thelma & Louise. At the time, he gained widespread attention, but he only got paid $6,000 then.

He then became one of the most sought-after actors in Hollywood, and it showed on his salary.

In a report made by Cheat Sheet, his paycheck dramatically increased to $10 million when he did Seven Years in Tibet in 1996. It then went sky-high, earning $17.5 million each when he did Fight ClubMeet Joe Black, and Troy.

For Ocean’s Twelve, he got a whopping $30-million salary. Add to that his $100 million property investments; it is no surprise that he has a considerable fortune.

Of course, just like other A-list celebrities, he also earns from several endorsement deals.

He got $3 million for his Cadillac commercials. And who will get a $7-million deal for a perfume campaign? Only Brad Pitt.

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A $7-million commercial deal

In 2012, Pitt made headlines for getting paid a massive $7 million to do a Chanel perfume commercial.

According to Fashionista, the 56-year-old actor was the first-ever male face of the luxurious brand’s fragrance, Chanel No. 5.

Shot by Joe Wright, the ad in question showed a scruffy-looking Pitt.

In an interview with WWD, Andrea d’Avack, the president of Chanel Fragrance and Beauty, revealed the promotion featured how Pitt talked to a woman.

“Pitt will be speaking in a way that the viewer assumes he’s speaking to a woman,” he said.

However, viewers later found out he was only talking to the perfume.

Chanel, reportedly, spent a tremendous amount of money on this campaign. Although it didn’t reveal how much precisely it spent, sources told it could be about $10 million on advertising alone.

Anyhow, it’s good to note that this brand holds the record for doing the world’s most expensive TV commercial.

Campaign Live noted Chanel once lost its No.5 brand air of exclusivity in the 1970s. So, to resolve the issue, it threw a lot of money at its ads.

It usually did big-budgeted ad campaigns, featuring the most famous stars and directors in the industry.

It even spent £18 million for a mini-film commercial directed by Baz Luhrmann, featuring Nicole Kidman, who got paid £2 million.

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