What Naughty Dog could announce for ‘The Last of Us 2’ this Sept. 26th

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Naughty Dog’s The Last of Us is going to celebrate the game’s commemorative day soon. As per the developer, there will be some The Last of Us 2 news at the event.

Previously known as Outbreak Day, Naughty Dog’s The Last of Us Day will be held this Sept. 26. It’s a special day for fans for a lot of reasons. In fact, the developers have major news for The Last of Us 2 ahead of the event. Here are the possible announcements to be made at the upcoming event.

Factions MP

Fans have long requested a multiplayer mode for the sequel. Naughty Dog has said that the DLC is coming at a later day after launch. It seems like they may reveal it at the event considering how leaks revealed that it’s already in the works.

Factions MP was a popular multiplayer component of The Last of Us. It pit players fighting as either the Fireflies or the Hunters. For the sequel, it’s likely that the factions are going to be the WLF against the Scars.

Story DLC

The Last of Us had a great story DLC titled Left Behind. It told the story of Ellie weeks prior to meeting Joel. It was famous and was considered as one of the best DLC packs at the time. Though short, the game did have an excellent retelling of the events leading up to the main experience.

Fans are expecting a new story DLC for The Last of Us 2. Specifically, fans want to know the story of Tommy as he goes to Seattle alone. Some fans also want to see what happens to Abby and Lev at the end of the game. Any of these as DLCs will certainly be appreciated.

PlayStation 5 upgrade

A lot of games from other developers are going to receive upgrades for the PlayStation 5. It’s likely that Naughty Dog will announce a PlayStation 5 version of the sequel. It’s even possible that the upgrade version will be free to those that already have the base version of the game.

Developers are jumping into this hype. As Naughty Dog is under Sony, it’s likely that the upgrades will be free as well. Having it as a PlayStation 5 title will further expand the launch library as well.

The Last of Us 2 is in for major news this 26th. It’s only a few days left before we hear the next additions to the critically-acclaimed sequel.

Image used courtesy of PlayStation/YouTube

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