What ‘Overwatch 2’ needs to learn from ‘Valorant’

Riot Games’ Valorant and Blizzard’s Overwatch are two completely different titles, but it’s easy to see the similarities between them. It’s not just because both are competitive shooters too.

Surprisingly, it seems like Overwatch is finally getting dethroned, and it’s because of the newcomer that is Valorant. Although it seems like fans like Overwatch heroes better than Valorant agents, there are still some things that Blizzard can learn from Riot Games with regards to what their plans are for the game.

Make Overwatch free

Blizzard has said before that Overwatch 2 would be a separate game that is purchasable. Overwatch players without a copy of Overwatch 2 will still have access to upcoming maps and heroes, but they won’t be getting the story missions included in the game.

Considering that there are two Overwatch titles soon, it would be wise for Blizzard to make the first game free just as Riot Games is going to make Valorant free at launch.

By removing the cost to play the base game of Overwatch, Blizzard will be able to make its shooter more accessible. Moreover, they can expect to see an influx of players who are excited to play the game. True enough, Blizzard has been generous with Overwatch in the past by making the game free every once in a while, but that’s not enough.

In terms of monetization, Blizzard can still make sales with lootboxes and the sales of Overwatch 2. Although Riot Games hasn’t confirmed it, it seems like they’ll be monetizing through battle passes and cosmetic items as well.

Be more active in the streaming scene

When it comes to the Twitch and streaming community, Valorant is starting to get a huge lead over Overwatch. 

Overwatch does have a competitive scene that it actively supports, but it seems like fans are more interested in streamers from Twitch for now. Riot Games support their streamers heavily, and it’s something that Blizzard should do more aggressively if they want their fans back.

Sadly, a lot of Overwatch streamers have already jumped over to Valorant, but if Blizzard actively balances the game and provides more incentives for Twitch streaming and viewing, they might be able to gain the lead once again.

Despite being in its early stages, Valorant is already starting to give Overwatch a run for its money. Unless Blizzard shakes up Overwatch and its upcoming sequel, it could continue to struggle against its new competitor.


Image used courtesy of Blizzard

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