What players can customize in ‘Hyper Scape’

There’s a lot of hype behind Ubisoft’s Hyper Scape, and that is well-deserved considering how amazing the game looks. Like its competitors, the game will have cosmetic items that players can collect to customize their profiles.

The closed beta for Hyper Scape is currently live. Players who were able to participate had access to a 10-level battle pass that’s free. In the battle pass, we saw what kind of in-game cosmetics there are in the upcoming battle royale.

Customization items

From the game trailer, we saw that players would be able to customize the landing pods that their characters will use to land in on Neo Arcadia. We’ve yet to see just how deep the customization on landing pods are, but it seems like there will be many models of this feature to collect.

The game also features avatars, which are preset characters that will represent the players in-game. Each of the avatars is balance in terms of stats, and players only have to pick which ones they want to use.

Based on the battle pass, it seems like the avatars will have unlockable skins and in-game cosmetics that players can use to make theirs stand out against the 98 other players in the game.

Apart from these, the battle pass also includes skins for the weapons in the game. Players will also be able to customize their character profiles with icons. There may be more customization items for the player’s profiles we’ve yet to see.

How are the items unlocked?

Fans are expecting Hyper Scape to follow suit in the format of battle royales. There will be a seasonal battle pass that players can buy. Doing so will reward players with various in-game cosmetics through progression.

The game might also have two forms of currencies, one which will be acquired through regular playing, and another that might be bought with real money.

Since Hyper Scape will be free-to-play, Ubisoft will most likely introduce microtransactions elements to make a profit out of the game. As long as the game isn’t pay-to-win, we’re sure that fans are going to be okay with the extra purchases.

Hyper Scape will go into open beta this July 12. It will be available on consoles and PC, but we’ve yet to know exactly what consoles the game will be playable. Fans are wishing that the game features dozens of cosmetic items to collect so that they can stand out in the game.

Image used courtesy of Hyper Scape

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