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What the critics have to say about ‘Marvel’s Avengers’


As the Marvel Cinematic Universe is such a bit hit with comic and non-comic book fans, the upcoming Marvel’s Avengers by Crystal Dynamics is also highly anticipated. What do the critics have to say about this upcoming title?

The beta for Marvel’s Avengers by Crystal Dynamics gave critics access to the highly anticipated title. Now, first impressions are beginning to pour out, and here’s what the experts have to say about the game.

Clunky controls

As per Ars Technica, the heroes in the game feels somewhat powerless over the enemies. This isn’t because the enemies are stronger than the superheroes themselves. Instead, the clunky fight mechanics and controls make heroes like Black Widow and even the Hulk, look average.

When it comes to combat, these technical issues might be gone once the full game launches. However, it seems like the stiffness of characters in combat is going to be a significant issue if Crystal Dynamics doesn’t remedy things.

Visuals are great

The game runs at a stable 30fps. Even if there are large set pieces like explosions and destruction, the game will run pretty smoothly. In terms of optimization, it seems like Crystal Dynamics has got it in the bag.

The character’s faces are much better now as compared to when Marvel’s Avengers was revealed. Players might be better receptive to the quality of the hero’s details now.

Odd loot

Players can equip four different types of equipment; one for basic attacks, one for long-range attacks, one for special attacks, and one for defense. The loot system in the game allows players to find better loot as they progress through tougher levels.

The problem is that the loot doesn’t add new moves or attacks to the heroes. They instead augment pre-existing stats. This makes grinding for new loot feel less exciting as players can simply level up their characters if they want to be stronger.

The system might also make grinding for loot feel more of a chore rather than a feature. It’s likely that this system will not change at full launch.

Marvel’s Avengers launches for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on Sept. 4. The game will have a new-gen version, which will be available at around the time the PlayStation 5 and the Xbox Series X launches. Aside from that, the developers have also promised free-post launch content, one of which is a new campaign featuring Hawkeye.

Image used courtesy of Square Enix/YouTube

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