What to expect from the Apple Silicon MacBook Pro

What to expect from the Apple Silicon MacBook Pro

Sooner than later, Apple will release the latest version of the MacBook Pro, but this time it will be powered by its very own Apple Silicon.

In a week or two, Apple is expected to announce the date for its next special Apple Event. It will be the first of its kind in the history of the trillion-dollar company. Never has it ever held an event late this year.

However, 2020, being the unusual year that it is, keeps on delivering surprises month after month. Three weeks ago, Apple announced the latest iPhone 12 series with only the HomePod accompanying it. The company didn’t release other products that are expected of it.

The strategy could most likely be to give 100% of the attention to the best-selling product of the company. As such, Apple is saving the announcement of its other main product, the MacBook Pro, for this November event.

Moving forward, the discussion on the Mac line-up will be delineated by the transition of Apple from Intel to Apple Silicon. As such, the benchmark will always be the latest Intel-powered Mac. This year, Apple refreshed its MacBook lineup and made amends from last year’s botched-up refresh.

In 2019, Apple forced the issue on making the MacBooks thinner and lighter, yet still powerful. Unfortunately, achieving this was close to impossible as the MacBooks overheated when pushed to the limit. The company fixed all the issues this year and even threw in a consolation of installing the Magic keyboard.

MacBook Pro with Apple Silicon will be a thing of wonder

The issues that haunted the 2019 models will always be an asterisk in the history of the MacBook lineup. Nevertheless, the company is planning to leave all the troubles behind and start anew with the Apple Silicon. Earlier rumors indicate that the MacBook Pro 12-inch and 13-inch will first hit the shelves.

The core processor that will run the next Mac lineup will most likely be an iteration of the A14 chip. It is already the brain and brawn of the iPad Air and the iPhone 12. Both devices show a dramatic increase in the performance of the A13 chips. A predictive benchmark test even showed the upcoming A14x chips outperforming the most powerful configuration of an Intel-powered MacBook.

Considering that the new laptops haven’t arrived yet, these are speculations until actual reviews are done. However, if these tests are any indication, the new hardware from Apple will be a beast to contend with.

5G on a laptop?

Apple will equip the new MacBooks with the A14 or newer chips. Therefore, 5G may be coming to its laptops sooner than later. Apple may or may not make this feature a standard in all of the laptops in the lineup. Nevertheless, having this option is still something to be excited about as it will be the first mobile-data capable laptop from the company.


Image from Dmitry Chernyshov/ Unsplash

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