What we’ll most likely see from the PlayStation 5 Showcase Event

PS5 reveal event impressive viewership and interest overshadows the Xbox Series X

Sony and Microsoft are going all out with their reveals for their upcoming consoles. After Microsoft’s big reveal for the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S last month, we’ll now see what’s next for Sony in PlayStation 5 Showcase.

In a surprise announcement, Sony has scheduled a PlayStation 5 Showcase. The broadcast will happen live on Sept. 16, Wednesday, at 1PM PT. There’s a lot of expectations for the said event, but fans already have a few guesses as to what they might see during the next outing for the PlayStation 5.

Release date and pricing

Fans have been longing for the release date and price reveal for the PlayStation 5. Microsoft already revealed its $499 and $299 consoles last week. Fans are expecting that Sony will now follow suit. If Sony is still not going to reveal the release date and pricing this week, it’s likely that its biggest fans won’t be happy.

Once Sony reveals the pricing and release date, it will most likely start pre-orders as well. Fans are expecting the console to be somewhere around $500 as well. However, it’s really hard to tell for now considering how major the upgrades have been.

Launch games

If the price and release date is going to be revealed at the PlayStation 5 Showcase, then it’s very likely that we’ll be seeing the actual launch titles for the console as well. This will help drive the pre-orders for the game. For now, there are already some titles that are sure to launch alongside the PlayStation 5.

One of which is the upcoming GodfallIt’s a new IP created by Gearbox Software. It’s basically a melee-version of Destiny, but there’s so much more depth to it. Beyond Godfall, there’s a huge list of third-party titles launching along with the console as well.

Deeper look at specs

The next generation of consoles is all about the specs of the consoles themselves. Although Sony has revealed this a few months back, fans still want to see an in-depth look at how the console performs. Hopefully, we’ll get some actual footage of the PlayStation 5 running during the event.

The PlayStation 5 Showcase will happen a few days from now, and fans can’t help but feel ecstatic. Fans don’t really care what else is revealed at the event. However, what they really want to see is the upcoming console’s release date and price as the Holidays are coming up.

Image used courtesy of PlayStation/YouTube

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