What will iPhone 12 look like? All clues, from design to colors

Apple Analysts suggest Apple is on the verge of launching the 5G supported smartphone, iPhone 12. The launch of the iPhone 12 will be made on October 13 of this year.

The current hot rumor surrounding the air is that iPhone 12 will be available in multiple versions with several resilient features like 5G, LiDar depth mapping, and the recent A14 Bionic processor.

But the most asked question is what will phone look like? Let’s dive in to see what iPhone 12 will look like.

Several sizes available

As per the Apple Analyst, iPhone 12 will be available in four different sizes. Every iteration will have a different display size.

The smallest of all will be the iPhone 12 Mini with a 5.4-inch display. A two-base model will be followed, each of 6.1 inches, slightly more significant than the current iPhone 11 Pro’s 5.8-inch display size.

Concluding, there will be a greater version of all. iPhone 12 Pro Max, the colossal of all, will have a display size of 6.7 inches. Consumers will need a bigger pocket to make this big beast fit in.

Physical features, cameras, and notch

The latest rumors state that the iPhone 12 will have a metal edging that will sport a flat, chamfered-edge metal design.

It will completely resemble the edging physicality of iPad Pro. The PhoneArena website has showcased a mockup of the phone, which has a potential look. According to the mockup, it will have a possibly fourth lens in rear camera space.

The fourth camera sensor will be a LiDar sensor. LiDar sensor is used to provide extra depth information, in case augmented reality has to function. The flat design of the iPhone 12 will keep the physical size less.

It will narrow the bezels that will provide enough space for the screen to fill the body area. The notch of the camera, which contains the selfie camera, is also rumored to get slimmed down.

There has been no such source regarding the foldable phones of Apple till now. It might not launch in 2020.

Vibrant Blue Color

Apple is rumored to launch a fresh new color in its flagship in the field of Apple phones, the navy blue.

This new color will undoubtedly replace the green color of the iPhone 11, which was launched previously. The color is trending on the charts.

As it is a Pantone’s color of the year for 2020, and indeed, Apple is also looking to provide that exotic look to its new device.

Image courtesy of Mr.Mikla/Shutterstock

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