What’s next for ‘Fall Guys’?

Devolver Digital struck gold with the launch of the now massively popular Fall Guys. As with any other battle royale, the developers will need to create a sustainable format to ensure that players are going to come back for more.

Fall Guys is Devolver Digital’s biggest title to date. It has reached record numbers for the developers, and the number of players continues to rise. There will be a time when players get tired of the game and what it offers currently. The question that begs to be answered is, what could be next for the game?

Moving forward

Devolver Digital already has plans for the future of the game, but they’ve yet to say what exactly these are. In a tweet, the developer has announced that there will be new levels, new costumes, and new features coming to the game. These are things that players are excited about.

With the way the game works, players have most likely jumped into all of the available levels multiple times already. The fatigue has begun to set in for some, but the game is still enjoyable. Fans are hoping that the developers will at least rush to release some new levels.

Having better ways to enjoy the game will be crucial for its longevity.

What do fans want?

For now, the only issue that Fall Guys is facing is the game’s servers. Most of the time, players get kicked out of a server without any explanation of why this happens. Moreover, it takes a while for players to find games despite the fact that there are over a million players who are enjoying it.

Though Devolver Digital has said that it has been trying to fix the issue, the servers still experience problems from time-to-time.

Once the servers have been fixed, fans would want the developers to add new levels and minigames next. Fans are sure that the developers are already working on new ones, and they surely can’t wait for these to launch. A commonly requested feature is a new mode that will pit players against others but in a larger number.

Fall Guys is a fun battle royale for gamers of all ages. Although it has generally been received well so far, gamers still have a few issues with it. Hopefully, the developers will address the issues while adding more features in the future.

Image used courtesy of Fall Guys/Twitter

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