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What’s next for Vision in the MCU after ‘WandaVision’?


The Disney+ show WandaVision is done with its episodes, but there are still questions in fans’ minds regarding the characters.

One of them is Vision, played by Paul Bettany. After initially dying in Infinity War, he came back in the Marvel TV series WandaVision. And the way he returned resulted in a lot of possibilities for his future in the MCU.

SPOILER WARNING: The following contains heavy details about Episode nine. If you haven’t watched it yet, somehow, you can stop reading right now.

Continue at your own risk.

Vision’s possible return to MCU after ‘WandaVision’

As the viewers saw in the final episode of WandaVision, S.W.O.R.D became successful in making White Vision. Although it was the original body, his brain was controlled by Hayward’s men.

However, in the fight between the Vision and the White Vision, White Vision was not able to eliminate the Vision. As he was enlightened by the Vision, White Vision ultimately understood who he is and what he was!

He learns everything about his past, his relationship with Wanda, and how Thanos killed him in Infinity War.

The new Vision is out in the world and technically alive. For some reason, he just disappeared at the end of the series finale. It might have been intentional from the side of the makers.

Maybe they, too, have plans for him in the future of MCU!

Talking about the possibilities of his comeback, then there are multiple ways in which he might return.

Firstly, there is Doctor Strange 2, which is directly connected to WandaVision. The movie’s details are still unknown, but it may have something to do with Vision. After all, he’s deeply related with Wanda and all things happening around her.

Then there is another future Disney+ MCU show, Secret Invasion, to watch out for. Its story will revolve around S.W.O.R.D. That is, there can be a probability of an appearance of the android.

All in all, Vision’s return seems almost confirmed in any of these above-mentioned projects; or even in some other installment.

New Marvel titles are coming soon!

Meanwhile, the biggest superhero cinematic universe is trying to make things normal again when it comes to its release cycle. Due to the pandemic, there was a considerable delay of more than a year.

But now the situation seems to be improving, although gradually.

With WandaVision, earlier this year, the MCU’s phase four has already begun. And many other titles are coming soon.

This month will see the debut of a new Marvel TV series in Falcon and the Winter Soldier. It will feature Anthony Mackie and Sebastian Stan, reprising their iconic roles of Sam and Bucky.

Furthermore, there is Loki, starring Tom Hiddleston. It’s set to launch in June 2021.

Other future projects under the MCU are Ms. Marvel, Moon Knight, She-Hulk, Ironheart, and I am Groot.

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