What’s the next event for ‘Overwatch?’

Blizzard’s Overwatch had a great Summer Games 2020 event, which was filled with amazing skins and a new Lucioball. What does the developer have for the next event in the game?

The structure of Overwatch to keep players busy includes seasonal events that happen every two or three months. For years, the developer has kept a pretty strict schedule with regards to their events, so fans know more or less what’s next after the Summer Games.

Next event and release schedule

The next event for the game is Halloween Terror, which coincides with the Halloween season. If Blizzard keeps up with the schedule it has had in the previous years, the event will take place at the start of October and end in the first week of November.

However, the Summer Games event was delayed by two weeks. Fans are anticipating a similar delay with the next event for the game.

What does the event have?

In terms of skins, the event features favorite heroes in the game sporting some Halloween themed outfits. Some of the most popular skins at the event include Dracula Reaper, Swamp Monster Doomfist, Pharoah Ana, and much more.

As usual, the skins from previous Halloween Terror events in Overwatch will be worth 1,000 gold each. The new skins are going to be worth 3,000 each. There could also be new challenge skins during the event. Players will need to win nine matches in Overwatch for these skins.

The event also has Dr. Junkensteinn’s revenge, which is a PvE horde mode featuring omnics. The game mode takes place in Eichenwalde, and it pits players against waves upon waves of omnics and some heroes who act as bosses.

The Summer Games 2020 event showed us that Blizzard is trying to shake up the game modes that come with their events. Fans are expecting the same for Dr. Junkensteinn’s revenge. It’s most likely that there will be some form of modifiers or twists with this year’s iteration of the event.

The revamped Lucioball was a successful take on the game mode. Hopefully, Blizzard attains the same success this Halloween.

The Overwatch Halloween Terror event is still a few weeks away. Players still have a lot of time to rack up their gold coins so that they can buy the skins they missed out on or the skins that are new to the game. Fans can expect to see the new skins at least a week before the event.

Image used courtesy of Overwatch

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