What’s the relation between dogecoin and Superman? A dogecoin millionaire reveals 

Ever heard of the name Glauber Contessoto? He’s a 33-year old dogecoin holder who recently hit his first million because of the meme cryptocurrency. 

When the meme coin reached the $0.74 valuation, that’s when Contessoto’s loyalty to dogecoin paid off and catapulted his earnings to a million dollars.

But even with his success, the new millionaire admitted that he had not done any hard-core research on the crypto to come up with a detailed strategy. 

Dogecoin and Superman?

Aside from celebrating his success on the meme coin, he also dropped a “bombshell” revelation that has brought, not shock, but a hearty laugh to everybody. 

He claimed that the major reason behind dogecoin’s success is no other than Superman, which certainly surprised everybody. 

In a tweet, he said: “You guys remember the old Superman cartoons and comic books? Dog is man’s best friend right? Well, guess what Superman’s dog’s name was ー Krypto… I rest my case.” 

Contessoto even joked that it took him an “intensely laborious” effort just to discover this fact. 

Quits day job to be a full-time YouTuber

The new millionaire has also quit his day job, not to live a kingly life, but to further strengthen his personal brand by focusing on creating YouTube content. 

As of now, Contessoto’s Youtube channel has 80,000 subscribers, but the channel isn’t monetized yet. 

And with the millionaire’s full-time status right now, it is certain that his subscribers would grow even further because of his newfound focus on his channel. 

Aside from dogecoin profits, he also earns from his DOGE merchandise which is being sold on his personal website. 


Image courtesy of Cointelegraph News/YouTube

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