What’s with the recently released ‘PUBG Season 7’?

It has been days since the newest season to PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds saw its release on console—and longer still on PC.

Following the departure of season 6, what we got is PUBG Season 7. Let us take a look at what PUBG has in its latest iteration.

PUBG Season 7 is packed full of contents. Added features range from the introduction of bots, a dynamic element and an iconic creature of lore to a map, and a new weapon.

When did PUBG Season 7 Roll Out?

PC players had been enjoying season 7 since as early as April 22, 2020. Console players, however, got the update six days later on April 28, 2020.

AI-Controlled Bots

The developers at PUBG are hard at work in providing new contents into the game with season 7.

One of the major addition to the game is the first appearance of bots. While seasoned players are never going to play against AI, greenhorns likely would.

The purpose of the bots is to give new players an advantage during their early time in the game. That is, until they have developed enough skills to be competitive against human players.

A New Vikendi Map

Making a comeback into the game is the snowy tundra map known as Vikendi. Although familiar by name, the developers have made an adjustment with the map to make it look refreshing and new.

Not only will the map feature a different degree of snow from the previous, but certain landmarks are also moving places as well. One of the most defining alterations with Vikendi is the presence of a moving train.

Yet, this moving train is not made solely for aesthetics. It also has a functional purpose, too, which gives players a chance to experiment.

Making for another exciting addition is the Dinoland, dubbed the ‘Prehistoric Park of the Future.’ Yet, like the Vikendi map, this smaller section has also seen major revamping as well.

Shiny New Weapon and Equipment

PUBG players may have already used the Kar98k far too many times already. Making sniping a more satisfying experience is the overall improved sniper rifle, Mosin-Nagant.

For a limited period, players can also collect new gears to their collection in the form of Baby Bear sleep mask and Dinoland t-shirt. The limited availability of this equipment only makes them valuable, especially after they expire to give way for new stuff.

Image used courtesy of YouTube/PLAYERUNKNOWN’s BATTLEGROUNDS

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