WhatsApp ‘Always’ option lets you mute a chat forever

WhatsApp 'Always' mute option lets you mute a chat FOREVER

From a one year muting, and now to FOREVER. The news came from their official Twitter account.

Nothing lasts forever, and this adage doesn’t seem to sit well with WhatsApp as they roll out a new feature on their application. This new feature wants its users to achieve inner peace by muting their notification setting off forever.

Though previously, WhatsApp mute notification has a one-year duration, it somehow helps some users to get away from unwanted notifications from a group or an individual chat.

The new ‘Always’ option has been in several tests and has now been launched in a stable version. The announcement came from their official Twitter account with an image of an iPhone and featuring the new mute setting.

How to mute notification forever?

According to thenextweb, there are three steps:

  1. Open the WhatsApp application on your mobile device.
  2. Proceed to the chat if you wish to mute and tap the name of the contact or group chat.
  3. Lastly, tap the mute option and select the word Always.

This feature also works for web applications. There you go, as easy as one, two, three, you can have peace of mind that you always wanted.

You can also modify this notification by speaking only. Show Notification is also a way of getting rid of alerts.

Unmute notifications will prevail once you muted the chat. At least, this could be a way of getting back to the old if we want to receive notifications most especially, the important one.

Beta version

WhatsApp 'Always' mute option lets you mute a chat FOREVER

Earlier this year, the chat app launched its beta version. The new “always” option for muting notifications was earlier launched around February, the same as other feature enhancements.

The User Storage UI for beta users was also introduced. The same goes for some features in media guidelines allowing users to align text or stickers when editing a photo or video, similar to the GIF.

Business on WhatsApp

As part of the app’s enhancement to its features, we can expect an in-app purchase for businesses. This will enable sellers to sell items on WhatsApp that will link through Facebook shops.

The move aims to boost sales of its parent brand, Facebook, and integrating these hosting services would translate into sales growth. Instagram was also introduced as the hosting service for in-app purchases.

Mute vs. Block

To mute someone on WhatsApp does not mean you blocked a group or an individual in a chat. It only means that it will not send you a notification with a direct message to you.

Blocking someone means you opted to cancel that individual or group. It will be deleted forever.

Between the two, muting is in many ways better than blocking. At least, it will silence the notification forever without severing your ties to people.

Images used courtesy of Hayls World/YouTube Screenshot.

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