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WhatsApp desktop app gets support for audio, video calls


Finally, the WhatsApp desktop version for Mac and PCs has received the much-awaited support of carrying out the audio and video calls.

Initially available in December as a limited rollout, the WhatsApp desktop for PC will enable users to do audio and video calls.

The calls will be end-to-end encrypted, as per the company.

Details on the updated WhatsApp desktop app

The new feature arrived on Thursday for all the people who use the WhatsApp app on the desktop.

The option of calling via voice and video was already there on mobile devices for app users. But now that it’s there for PC and Mac also, the connectivity will get better. Because most of the time, some people prefer a bigger screen to interact.

Initiating audio and video calls on the desktop will be great for many individuals after the latest update.

And since it’s all end-to-end encrypted, as per WhatsApp, neither the app nor Facebook will be able to hear them. So, on the part of safety and privacy, PC users don’t need to worry.

However, there will be some people who might use other services to carry outcalls. It’s merely because of the growing concern regarding the platform’s current privacy policies.

Issues for the messaging service

When it comes to facing troubles and sticky situations, the chat app is going through a lot.

Initially, everything was going great for the Facebook-owned messaging service unless it rolled out a notification. It was about the recent privacy-based changes within the app.

As per the notification, the platform will share a certain amount of personal data with third parties. And according to many people and analysts, it will also include chat details. So, the company wants to track down what the users are discussing with each other.

The moment this recent privacy policy change spread worldwide, it resulted in disappointment and angst. Registered users felt cheated and threatened regarding their data security.

This eventually resulted in many people migrating to rival apps like Telegram and Signal. As of now, these platforms have amassed millions of newly registered users.

The majority of other users across the globe are also thinking of moving to various alternatives ultimately. They don’t want to continue using an app on which their data won’t remain secured.

Ultimately, the following year, completely new competitors might also emerge to give a tough fight to the Facebook-owned platform.

As of now, the service hasn’t pulled back on its new privacy modifications. It’s still moving forward with it. The change will officially start rolling out this April.

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