WhatsApp desktop may soon support video and voice calls


WhatsApp desktop will, reportedly, fuse in support of desktop video and voice calls. All of these calls will be end-to-end encrypted.

Videoconferencing has gained steam ever since the pandemic kicked in. All video calling apps are stepping up their game in giving their users the best experience. The majority of the updates revolve around end-to-end encryption, the number of participants, and overall seamless experience.

The majority of apps already have the first two features locked in. It is on the seamless experience that not all apps are doing well. This is especially true for Zoom. WhatsApp, for its part, is going for all three factors in one swing.

WhatsApp desktop will support video and voice calls

Right now, the process of video call users includes agreeing on a schedule to have their video calls in chat first. Afterward, they shift to either their desktop Zoom or Google Meet to set up their video call.

WhatsApp is reportedly planning to remove the two-step meeting setup. They plan to fuse the two within their WhatsApp desktop feature. Right now, only end-to-end encrypted chats and file sharing can be done on WhatsApp desktop. Soon, the Facebook-owned company will reportedly roll out video and voice calls support on the desktop version of WhatsApp.

In other words, the video call setup experience for WhatsApp users will be super seamless. In addition, WhatsApp might increase the number of participants for video calls.

Presently, WhatsApp video calls can only support eight users at a time. However, its sister app, Messenger Rooms, already supports up to fifty parties in one video call. As such, it is just a matter of time for WhatsApp to introduce another upgrade in the participants for video or voice calls.

No clear winner yet

In the videoconferencing app industry, there is no clear winner in the field. Zoom has previously reported about its stellar growth in its number of users. However, they have an uncanny ability to step into pitfalls.

Just last week, Zoom admitted that they canceled some Zoom paid accounts because the Chinese government asked them to do so. Their actions drew flak, and the company has since apologized again for their mistakes.

Google Meet, on the other hand, still sits within a niche. People over in Google are thirsty for more users to join the platform. Also, last week, they announced the rollout of a Gmail integrated Google Meet app as well.

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