WhatsApp introduces new chat option in beta update


WhatsApp is all set to resolve a significant problem for users looking to make their smartphones less cluttered.

With the new update, as seen in the beta testing version of WhatsApp, users will now be able to mute notifications for a chat forever from the “mute chat” option. Before this, a user can only mute a chat for 8 hours, a week, or a year.

The “mute always” feature is currently available for Android beta updates, but will soon be rolled out for all the users.

Not only this, but WhatsApp is also working on tons of other features that users will get to see in the upcoming days.

UI Storage

Apart from the change in the “mute chat” option, the most significant change seen in the update has to be the storage menu’s UI.

The storage menu has been completely redesigned to give the user an insight into how WhatsApp utilizes the device’s storage.

From the top, one would get a modern storage bar, which would give a rough estimate of the brand’s storage in the device, according to a report by WABetaInfo.

Furthermore, the files’ classification comes into various sections, such as Forwarded files, Large files, and more.

The Facebook application does not show the sent files in the user’s gallery by default, making it harder for the not-so-tech-savvy users to eliminate the storage taken up by WhatsApp from to time.

Other updates

Whatsapp has not limited its new update to just smartphone users but has catered to the desktop and business users.

The new Catalogue Shortcut would allow the user to see a registered business account catalog from their desktop applications. The said feature is now upon its business application for Android and iOS.

As per LiveMint, the application is working on hiding the voice and video call buttons for business accounts. Users can still access them from contact information, but sources believe that it is a glitch that WhatsApp will get rid of in the official update.

WhatsApp has also introduced several media guidelines. The new guidelines would allow the users to insert GIFs, stickers, and texts in their WhatsApp stories.

WhatsApp Privacy

In other news, the application has ensured that the end-to-end encryption is as safe as ever. WhatsApp claims that even servers cannot access the chats.

After a recent case of a privacy breach in India, the application’s privacy is in question, as BGR reported.

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