WhatsApp is using status to re-assure the privacy of the users

WhatsApp, a messaging platform owned by Facebook, is putting statuses of the organization. The status is mainly concerned with the privacy features of WhatsApp.

The privacy feature associates with the new update of WhatsApp. The company is trying to assure its commitment to the privacy policy.

People from the US and UK saw the status related to the privacy commitments on Saturday. Through Twitter and various Snapchat stories, Indians also saw the status on Saturday.

Major update in the privacy policy of WhatsApp:

WhatsApp reports that the status given by the official organization is to curb the misinformation.

Many people are trying to spread fake and irrelevant news regarding the new update of the messaging application.

The company wants people to understand that how it helps in securing information. The urge associates with the fact that privacy issues are the first and foremost priority of the organization.

WhatsApp itself claims that there are many underlying facts and policies. These policies help in securing the data and information of the user.

Along with that, users can see the official status provided by WhatsApp in the status tab.

The first status associates with that no one can look over the user’s message. End to end encryption authentication helps the message lock between two users.

The personal message will neither get disclosed over WhatsApp nor on Facebook.

The messages read, “One thing that isn’t new is our commitment to your privacy.” Another reminder given on the WhatsApp status is, “WhatsApp can’t read or listen to your personal conversations as they’re end-to-end encrypted.”

The reminders certainly focus on Whatsapp’s attempt to protect the user’s data. The company policies and their new updates won’t ever intervene in the privacy of the users.

Previously, various assumptions were in the market on the privacy of the WhatsApp platform. In a media conversation, Elon Musk asked people to shift towards another messaging platform.

An alternative

The other messaging platform he was talking about was Signal. Nowadays, the signal application is so much in the news because of its privacy support.

The organization claims to secure all the messages, details, and other payment portals associated with the application.

Rumors were in the technology market that many people are shifting towards Signal. Every day, we see an update in WhatsApp messenger, which concerns the user’s security.

Through these official statuses, the company is attempting to create less havoc. These statuses might assure security or not; this will be another issue.


Image courtesy of Hamna S/YouTube Screenshot

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