WhatsApp may soon allow face unlock on Android

WhatsApp may soon allow face unlock on Android

WhatsApp may allegedly release a facial recognition unlock feature on its message threads, particularly for Android users.

Facebook is, again, currently undergoing an antitrust investigation in the U.S. Lawmakers are grilling tech CEOs on their alleged anti-competitive strategies. Of course, Facebook will maintain a defensive position in the name of keeping its business intact. It is not expected to back down from the questions raised by the congresspeople.

Now, more than ever, Facebook is working double-time to integrate all of the apps under its mother company. It has already started by integrating Messenger and Instagram. Soon, WhatsApp is expected to join the fold.

WhatsApp on Android will soon allow face unlock

WABetaInfo, the people behind news leaks on WhatsApp, found out an unusual thread in the latest update on Android phones. The change particularly comes on the fingerprint lock on the security page of the app. Before, the option was just fingerprint unlock. In the new update, it will be changed to biometric unlock. The new accompanying texts say,

“When enabled, you’ll need to use fingerprint, face or other unique identifiers to unlock WhatsApp. You can still answer calls if WhatsApp is locked.”

The key change that has been introduced here is the face unlock feature. Before, users may unlock the app using only their fingerprints. With the new security system, WhatsApp may soon use the selfie camera to unlock the app.

For iOS users, this will definitely not be something new. Ever since the iPhone X was released, WhatsApp users have always had this unlock feature using FaceID. It remains to be seen when this new feature will roll out on Android devices. Nonetheless, it is something that can be looked out for as unlocking the app using face recognition is easier and more seamless than fingerprint unlock.

Desktop voice and video calls may also rollout soon

WhatsApp has always been the most secure instant messaging app ever since its launch. Its end-to-end encryption makes it one of the most trusted apps in the market. However, the app lacks seamless multi-device support. Its desktop version is but a shell of the mobile version.

Users can neither take calls nor start video calls on the desktop. Fortunately, a recent detail, again, picked up by WABetaInfo, shows that WhatsApp may soon roll out desktop video and voice call support.

As soon as it comes out, users no longer need to pick up their phones to make a call. They may instantly engage in an incoming call or start a group video call straight from their computers. This rumor has been on the mill for quite some time now. However, the pressure on Facebook has never been this high.


Image from AARN GIRI/ Unsplash

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