WhatsApp message reaction offers special sticker for ‘Money Heist’

WhatsApp message reactions can support all emojis, and Money Heist fans will receive a special sticker pack.

WhatsApp message reactions may support all emojis on the platform. However, the Message reactions on WhatsApp are currently under development that came just days after.

WhatsApp Message- Sticker Robbery

WhatsApp reportedly added a message response to its platform that works similarly. And also stated that how it can respond to incoming messages on iMessage, Twitter, and even the Facebook Messenger app. Separately, WhatsApp has released a new sticker pack called “Sticker Robbery.”

Accordingly, the honor of the launch of the fifth season of Netflix’s hit show “The Money Robbery,” which will run its final season on Friday.

Replies to messages can be made available for both individual and group chats. And people in the chat should be able to see who replied to a particular message. This means that replies to a WhatsApp message will not be anonymous.

WhatsApp Money Heist

WABetaInfo advises that users can use any emoji they want. This is similar to how you can do it. Use an emoji to react to a Facebook Messenger message.

However, it differs from responding to messages on Twitter and iMessage. Where users don’t have many options and only a few pre-loaded emoticons to react to. Hence, the screenshots also appear to be taken from the WhatsApp iPhone build.

To, WABetaInfo reports that WhatsApp is also working on bringing message responses back to the WhatsApp Android beta. Moreover, it is available on their device to see the reply to messages at the end.

Users who do not have this version will be prompted to update the application. At the same time, the React to Messages feature is not yet available.

Animated stickers

The announcement of WhatsApp has released Sticker Robbery as a new animated sticker pack for all users. Includes 17 stickers to celebrate the release of the fifth and final season of Netflix’s Money Robbery.

Sequentially, the sticker store is available on WhatsApp. Alternatively, it can be downloaded from a deep link.

WABetaInfo originally reported on the Money Heist season 5 focus sticker pack. However, Gadgets 360 was able to confirm its arrival for Android and iPhone users independently. The fifth season of The Money Robbery will open globally on Friday.

Money Heist season 5 is also available in Hindi, Tamil, and Telugu for Netflix. Users in India, as in previous seasons of the show.


Image courtesy of Arun.k Ponerul/YouTube

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