WhatsApp, pushes upgrades with disappearing messages

WhatsApp, pushes upgrades with disappearing messages

WhatsApp continues with its caravan of updates. This time it just detailed out the features of disappearing messages for its users.

WhatsApp by Facebook has been on a mission to stay relevant. Its competitors have been trying to take on the messaging giant through novelty features. WhatsApp, of course, is not taking things lightly.

It has been known that WhatsApp takes time to roll out updates. This issue could probably be due to the tight end-to-end security it has. Also, the massive userbase may be an issue to migrate from update to update.

Nevertheless, WhatsApp has been busy sending out new features these past few weeks.

WhatsApp will soon have disappearing messages

Disappearing messages have been a cool feature on messaging apps ever since Snapchat introduced such. It gave users the freedom to take control of the contents they send out. Other messaging apps provide options for their users to dictate the time of the expiring messages.

WhatsApp is joining the bandwagon. However, its version is slightly limited compared to others. In the case of WhatsApp, users only have one option for the time limit on the messages they send out.

When turned on, individual chats and group chat messages expire after seven days. The company provided an FAQ sheet on this feature. Firstly, the disappearing messages cover all types of media, whether it be text, images, videos, or audios. Secondly, it may be used between individuals and in a group.

However, in the case of group chats, only the admin of the group can turn on such features. In the case of an individual to individual chat, either user can toggle the disappearing messages.

Lastly, as mentioned earlier, the feature is now limited to a seven-day period. WhatsApp didn’t clarify if it will give users the freedom to adjust this length eventually.

Safeguards against untrusted individuals or groups

WhatsApp, in the same FAQ, reminds users to only utilize the disappearing messages when chatting with trusted persons. Otherwise, the app cannot protect them from phishing entities.

As such, users have to always be mindful of the contents they share out. All disappearing messages that are forwarded to another chat thread without the feature toggled on will not disappear. Messages that are screenshot will also not trigger an alert to the sender. Lastly, the other user may just simply save and download the message or content without the sender knowing.

Given all these warnings, WhatsApp just wants its users to always be conscious of the messages they send. Otherwise, they may fall as preys in the hands of the wrong persons.


Image from Jamie Street/ Unsplash

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