WhatsApp under fire for new flaws by CERT-In

New WhatsApp flaw puts the data of users at risk, as warned by CERT-In, issuing a new warning.

The CERT-In has issued a new advisory against a set of newly discovered WhatsApp vulnerabilities. Accordingly, these allow intruders to execute code on affected machines remotely.

The warning to WhatsApp

Authorities have cautioned WhatsApp users about new vulnerabilities. 

Consequently, these are present in the popular instantaneous messaging app. These issues could breach delicate information. The CERT-In is also known as Indian Computer Emergency Response Team has rated the recent exposure with a “high” severity rating.

The national cyber attack division responsible for all Indians’ cyberspace safety also issued a new advisory on Saturday. The advisory details the risks associated with the new App vulnerabilities.

“Various vulnerabilities are there in WhatsApp applications which could enable a remote attacker to perform arbitrary code or access delicate information on a targeted system,” the report said.

Detection of the issues and vulnerabilities

A cache arrangement issue allows attackers to execute code remotely.

Additionally, it also allows them access to basic information on a targeted device. On explaining the vulnerabilities in detail, the advisory made a statement.

Consequently, they also said that it “exists in the App apps due to a cache arrangement issue and missing bounds check inside the audio decoding pipeline.”

“Successful exploitation of certain delicate issues could allow the attacker to execute arbitrary code or access sensitive information on a certain system,” it adds.

App versions affected

The new issues have been detected in the messaging App and its Business App for Android and can influence versions prior to the v2.21.4.18 update. For iOS users, the standard App and its Business counterpart for iOS apps are v2.21.32.

Moreover, users who also have the current WhatsApp versions on Android and iOS are safe from the issues.

Consequently, one can guarantee users are safe from the recently identified vulnerability.

Therefore, they can directly go to the Play Store or App Store. And afterward, update them to the most advanced versions.

WhatsApp: addressing the issue

“We continually work with protection researchers to improve the various ways WhatsApp protects people’s messages. As is expected of software products, we have addressed two bugs,” a WhatsApp speaker said in a report.

Mainly, these are on old software, and we have no cause to believe that they are bad.

Furthermore, the spokesperson replied that WhatsApp “is safe and sound.”

“It is end-to-end encryption stays to work as appointed to protect people’s information,” further added.


Image courtesy of Hayls World/YouTube Screenshot

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