WhatsApp update introduces new wallpapers for each chat!

WhatsApp just rolled a great update, giving the users some new wallpapers. And now they can even choose one for each chat!

According to Engadget, WhatsApp has released a new update to the app. And it introduces new chat wallpapers in the settings. Not only that, both Android and iOS users can now set multiple wallpapers in each different chat! That’s something really amazing.

Previously, there was no such feature, and by default, only one wallpaper could be set for all chats in the app. And it wasn’t possible to change it for both the individual or group conversations. In that way, it can be called a very convenient option for those who spend most of their time on the app.

WhatsApp is constantly releasing “feature-rich” updates

After releasing disappearing messages for the app, WhatsApp seems to strive towards more options. And it’s turning out good for the users, no doubt. The new addition of a chat wallpaper option for individual and group conversations will surely excite the consumers.

It will also help you remember the person you talk to because it’s impossible to always have an image in mind. So, in that way, the users will feel more stress-free. And they can now keep different wallpaper images in their memory for remembering their subjects of conversation.

Apart from that, a new set of stickers is now also available in the app.

Speaking of the latest update, it has wallpapers with different and iconic pictures of nature and architecture.

While the new feature update is yet to roll out completely across the globe, some iOS users can already use them. By the end of this week, everyone will be able to get it on their phones.

What’s next for the chat app?

When it comes to highlighted and beneficial introductions, the app surely impacted this year, especially in India, where it eventually rolled out its “payment” feature. On the other hand, the rest of the countries already have it. But it was good that it finally came to Indian users as well.

The conversation platform has adopted a lot of things from various social media apps also.

Instagram‘s stories are viral. So it was obvious to anticipate it on WhatsApp, but with a different name called “status.” Moreover, the app is consistently trying to make itself even more feature-rich and vital.

Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook owns WhatsApp. It will be exciting to see what extra it can offer in the new year.

Image courtesy of Alex Ruhl/Shutterstock

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