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When to expect ‘World of Warcraft Shadowlands’ pre-expansion patch


As World of Warcraft Shadowlands is set to go live soon, details from the upcoming pre-expansion patch are finally up for grabs.

Massive changes are set to come to World of Warcraft when patch 9.0.1 arrives. In fact, Blizzard wants its players to know what they should expect, releasing the World of Warcraft Shadowlands pre-patch notes early for everyone to view.

Here’s what you need to know when the World of Warcraft Shadowlands update arrives.

Massive World of Warcraft level squish & leveling revamp

One of the biggest changes that directly affect the players would be the level adjustments. Players would experience a massive level squish once the update arrives.

Instead of the previous maximum level of 120, the level cap would be changed to 60. Battle for Azeroth players at the maximum level would see their characters become level 50 in patch 9.0.1.

The pre-expansion patch would determine what level players will be by adjusting the characters’ levels, stats, and items.

Blizzard had also provided a table to inform players to know what level their characters will be adjusted to. Players who are level 102 to 103 will become level 41.

The level squish and the reduction of the level cap are all part of Blizzard’s plan to make leveling manageable and “more meaningful.”

Scourge Event to take center stage

The World of Warcraft Shadowlands update will have a Scourge Event as its main event. This Scourge Event will see the return of Nathanos Blightcaller who will serve as the weekly World boss. Players can expect him to spawn at the Eastern Plaguelands and drop level 100 items.

Some of the things players can expect for this event are an exciting zombie invasion, a bunch of prize-filled challenges, returning Ice Town bosses, and a narrative that fits well into the plot of Shadowlands.

A new starting area

The Shadowlands update will introduce a new starting area for beginners called Exile’s Reach. Players who have never played World of Warcraft before will immediately be taken to this area. Here, they will be taught the basics of character creation, leveling, and how to enjoy the Warcraft journey.

The new Exile’s Reach also provides an interactive environment for new players to converse with veterans. Through the newcomer chat channels, newbie players will get the chance to seek help and advise from experienced players. These channels have a limit of level 20 and once players reach that level, they will no longer be able to use them. However, once they reach level 50, they can get the chance to return and offer their experience to newbies.

When will the pre-patch go live?

Right now, there is no definitive date for the pre-patch. World of Warcraft Shadowlands is all set to go live this coming October 28. However, a pre-patch is expected to occur before the expansion.

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