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Where to destroy Teddy Bears at Holly Hedges in ‘Fortnite’


A new series of Overtime Challenges has been released in Fortnite. One asks players to locate and destroy Teddy Bears at Holly Hedges.

Fortnite is having some kind of weird battle going on such as the ongoing Overtime Challenge, destroying Teddy Bears at Holly Hedges.

For players who have been doing the Overtime Challenges, they already know that they are stuck in an epic battle between gnomes and teddy bears at Holly Hedges.

Last April, players helped the teddy bears win in the No Right To Bear Arms event. However, for this time around, players will also aid the gnomes in destroying teddy bears.

Locating the teddy bears

There are nine not so hidden teddy bears located at various Holly Hedges locations. A Fortnite pro player has located all of them and is kind enough to share some valuable information.

Below is a detailed guide in finding all nine teddy bears:

Teddy Bear 1

Upon leaving the plane, players need to land at a big tree located in the northwest of Holly Hedges. The first teddy bear is just below the tree right next to a chair ready to be destroyed.

Teddy Bear 2

After this, players need to go south until they run into a blue house. Sitting in the corner of the yard is Teddy Bear 2.

Teddy Bear 3 and 4

Get inside the blue house to find two teddy bears. One is between the chairs next to the TV while the other is patiently waiting on the second floor.

Teddy Bear 5 and 6

Get out of the house and go to the center of Holly Hedges. Players will need to find the storage outside Garden Center. Two teddy bears are located here.

One is in the southwest near the checkout till and the other is at the southeast of the area near some pallets.

Teddy Bear 7

After destroying the teddies, players need to go to the southernmost building with a basketball hoop outside. A teddy bear is located in a room on the second floor.

Teddy Bear 8 and 9

The last two teddy bears are located in a tall greenhouse on the east of Holly Hedges.

The eight teddy bear is on the first floor inside a room with a double bed while the last one is waiting on the top floor right beside a telescope.

Completing the challenge

When a player comes across a Teddy Bear at Holly Hedges, they should destroy it with their pickaxe or any Fortnite weapon they have gathered in the match.

Like the previous Overtime Challenges, the amount of XP a player will earn will depend on the number of teddy bears they have destroyed.

Luckily, the quest doesn’t require destroying all teddy bears in a single match in order to complete it. Players can easily return and destroy a few more Teddy Bears in Holly Hedges until the challenge is completed.

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