Where to find all rune locations in ‘Minecraft Dungeons’


Minecraft Dungeons players must find and unlock all the runes in the game in order to access the mysterious secret mission.

For those who still don’t know, there is a secret mission in Minecraft Dungeons. However, to gain access to it, players must discover all the 9 rune locations in the game.

How to access secret mission

The drawbridge located in the southeastern portion of the camp can be accessed after beating the game for the first time.

Once the drawbridge is lowered, players need to go inside of the structure to find a church. Portraits of the game’s developers are hoisted along its walls together with 10 symbols.

The first symbol should already be lit since it signifies the opening of the church itself. However, the other symbols will only activate once the other rune locations are found.

To activate the Minecraft Dungeons secret mission, players must find the rest of the runes and return to this church.

Rune locations

Creeper Woods

Players need to play the level until they reach the final objective. Kill all the enemies and find the cobblestone with stone brick.

Interact with the cobblestone and enter the dungeon. At the end of the dungeon is a rune that should be activated by touching it.

Soggy Swamp

This next rune is located in the last part of the level. After destroying the cauldron, players will need to look for a stone pillar with vines hanging on it.

There is a button inside one of the mushrooms which will give access to the next rune.

Cacti Canyon

To activate the Cacti Canyon rune, players must first locate the “golden key”. Before entering the area with a blue key, players must check the plant on the left of the gate.

Interacting with it will open a secret door just behind the blue key’s location.

Pumpkin Pastures

During the middle of this mission, players will walk on a long castle wall. Behind a set of boxes is a button that activates another rune location.

Redstone mines

After taking the mission, players will need to go to the far side of the room in order to interact with a red stone. Push the button to unlock the next rune.

Desert temple

After picking up a gold key, check a hidden button behind a palm tree. Pushing the button leads to another run.

Fiery Forge

During the start of the level, go to the location of a fallen Restone Golem. There is a switch at the left corner which opens the next rune location.

Highblock Halls

Upon reaching the marketplace, go to the uppermost area to find another switch.

Obsidian Pinnacle

Upon entering an indoor area during the pursuit of Arch-illager, players need to go to the end of the level. A small library can be found before leaving this area.

Check on one of the bookshelves to reveal a book that opens a secret level. Along with a Minecraft Dungeons rune, the area also contains chests which contain valuable loots.

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