Where to find Ghost-type Pokemon in ‘Pokemon GO’?


Oooh…time to get spooky now in ‘Pokemon Go‘!

Pokemon Go is one of the best games out there for players who want to experience the world of Augmented Reality. If players have watched the animated Pokemon series, they will understand that Ghost-type Pokemons in Pokemon Go are powerful.

They are better and can be completely used against physics and other ghosts.

They are quite rare, which makes them really desirable to everyone, whether for a trainer who is working through research quests and even searching for Mew or having a powerful Pokemon in the Pokedex.

There are plenty of other benefits as well if players can grab Ghost-type Pokemons and keep them in their collection.

Unfortunately for all the players, finding Ghost-type Pokemons is easier said than done.

What are the tips for catching them?

Some of the most tested and tried methods that players can use to make sure that they are catching all the best Ghost-type Pokemons in their collection.

These methods for finding all the Ghost-type Pokemons are worth trying and worth the expense as well. From playing at night to certain weather conditions, there are even specific raids that can lend and help all the trainers to catch the best ghost-type Pokemons.

One of the easiest ways to catch Ghost-type Pokemon in Pokemon Go is by playing the game at night. Many players have said that playing the game at night has yielded them catching all the Ghost Pokemons out there.

Between 8-8, trainers have said they are likely to come across one in the wild. It is important to note that around 2 AM, is the best time for all the trainers to get out and start looking out for the right Ghost Pokemon, which they can catch in the Pokedex.

Do players have to wait for Halloween?

Ghost-type Pokemons are often found seen foggy grounds, so players have to go into the wild and find perfect weather conditions to catch them all. Lastly, while this is purely speculation, it is rumored that all the Ghost Type Pokemons are found to spawn around churches and urban areas.

But catching them in bulk is still an option that is far-fetched for all the players. Everyone has to wait for the Halloween event to get all the Ghost-type Pokemon on the Pokemon Go’s annual.

The Halloween event typically revolves around a specific Pokemon. However, all the Ghost-type Pokemons have a higher rate of spawn now.


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