Where to find the hidden haiku in ‘Ghost of Tsushima’

Ghost of Tsushima hidden haiku site

Ghost of Tsushima is arguably one of the most beautifully developed games in 2020, especially for the PS4. But if there is one aspect of the game’s overall design that stands out the most, it has got to be its environment.

While much of the player’s encounter with this aspect happens through exploration, other times, it is through meditation. Specifically, during haiku moments that gives the protagonist quality time reflecting on certain concepts of life.

Haiku Sites Galore

Overall, there are 19 haiku locations throughout the game, which gives players a view of Jin’s unique thought process. But aside from peering into what Jin Sakai is thinking at that point in time, it’s also about enjoying amazing sceneries.

Fortunately, none of these haiku locations are missable such that overlooking one could render it unreachable at a certain point. Even in post-game, all of these haiku locations remain accessible, so long as the player knows where to find.

Easy to Miss, Easy to Find

Realistically-speaking, not one of the haiku locations is intently difficult to spot. But there remains one exception to the rule which most people tend to overlook.

Surprisingly still, this particularly elusive haiku site is the one that the developers expect players to see first. Meaning, many missed on the aspect of the game that would have served as an introduction to the game’s haiku.

The most common reason being that many players do not deviate much to explore the game’s rather vast environment early in the game. One whose consequence would result in backtracking under the impression that players have skipped on something, only to find that they did.

Finding through Exploration

This haiku in question is the one close to the Hiyoshi Springs. To find its location, players need only to navigate the spring’s map towards the northern hills. The idea is to come across an NPC, which happens to be a poet, who will orient you into the world of haiku.

Technically-speaking, the location to which the first haiku site is placed is indeed relatively spottier than the ones that follows it. But there is a logical explanation to this rather than simply causing the players to miss something they would not. The purpose is to encourage players to explore the game’s map early on and possibly appreciate what they would see.

The developers may have missed the goal as intended. However, they did deliver in giving audiences an aesthetically appealing game as seen partially on its environment.

Image used courtesy of PowerPyx/YouTube Screenshot

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