Where to watch ‘Billions’ season 5, episode 7 teases Bobby’s evil schemes

Billions season 5 is nearing the mid-season finale with episode 7 as its last.

With the hurdles surrounding the finale episode of Billions, the characters will need to go the extra mile just to stay on top of their game. For uninitiated, the series first debuted in 2016.

It featured the rich and powerful characters pitting with against each other. With its changing storyline season after season,  Billions captivated a lot of viewers. Billions season 5 is yet to unfold its twisted plot as its main characters, Chuck and Bobby go head to head.

Billions season 5 episode 6 recap

The episode entitled “The Nordic Model” featured Chuck and Bobby in another confrontation. When Kate informed Chuck that Bobby is moving replicas of the rare classic paintings at free-port to evade taxes, Chuck realized that the paintings were hung on Bobby’s apartment wall.

Chuck decided to check the prized Van Gogh painting and made an alibi that his son’s Nintendo is in Bobby’s apartment. When he saw the painting, Chuck accidentally spilt the wine on the painting just to get Bobby’s attention.

To catch Bobby, Chuck set up a surveillance team outside the apartment while he’s trying to get a warrant to raid the property. In the later part of the episode, Chuck managed to get a warrant, but Bobby was already ahead of Chuck’s game. He transformed his apartment into a museum managed by the Axelrod Charitable Foundation. 

Thus, the season mid-finale will bring Chuck and Bobby to step up their game. It’s a question of who will finally win the competition. 

Billions season 5 episode 7 spoilers

Based on the ending of the previous episode, the finale will reveal a lot of game plans. Surely the game is not over for Bobby and Chuck as they lay their plans. After Chuck’s major setback, he will surely find a way to trap Bobby and expose his fraud. Furthermore, Chuck will be dealing with his father’s kidney transplant. 

As for Wendy, she may have to prove her loyalty as Bobby is now aware of her relationship with Nico Tanner. Not to mention that Bobby is attracted to Wendy.

Thus, Billions season 5 episode 7 might push Bobby to lay his heart out to Wendy. However, that remains to be seen in the coming episode. 

Billions season 5 episode 7 release date

Unfortunately, Billions season 5 will end with episode 7. The production for the rest of the episodes was temporarily halted due to the outbreak. Episode 7 aired last June 14, 2020, at 9 pm ET, on Showtime. 

Where to watch Billions season 5

There are ways to watch the series aside from Showtime. Fans may access the series on Showtime’s official website and the Showtime app. The series is also available on Hulu and DirectTV.

Fans may also opt to watch the series on YouTube TV through the VOD service. Additionally, Billions season 5 episodes can be purchased on Amazon Prime as well. 

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