‘White Lines’ season 2 Netflix renewal is uncertain despite show’s popularity

White Lines season 2 has yet to be renewed on Netflix. However, the show’s popularity may propel the streaming giant to give the series a green light.

White Lines season 1 is a crime drama Netflix Original created by Alex Pina. Pina is also responsible for the popular Money Heist series on Netflix. Although the series is one of the must-watch TV series on Netflix because of its thriller plot, season 2 is still bleak. And now, fans are hoping to see the story continues in the next installment.

The series follows a chain of drugs, anger, and a murder mystery that compelled the viewers to hope for White Lines season 2.  Season 1 featured Zoe, who was determined to find out what really happened behind her brother’s killing, which seemingly occurred a decade earlier.

White Lines season 2 renewal is still uncertain

Despite White Lines season 1’s success, Netflix has not yet renewed the series.  The series is currently enjoying the top spot on IMdB chart, against Dead To Me which is in the second spot.

White Lines season 1 is on top of Netflix UK and Netflix Spain. Hence, there is a big possibility of renewal.  However, Netflix usually gives a month to review the number of viewership in the series. With that, news of the renewal might arrive in the coming months if the White Lines continues to increase its viewership.

Alex Pina will still create White Lines season 2

Alex Pina worked with Andy Harries and Sharon Hughff, executive producers of The Crown for season 1. The Money Heist creator will still be joined by Harries and Hughff for season 2.

Andy Harries said last year,

“It’s a real achievement [to work together]. It demonstrates that you can make shows for the Spanish and English speaking audiences without any compromises.”

White Lines season 2 production update

Although there is no confirmation yet on the production, showrunner Harries confirmed that the filming will transpire in the Ibizan landscapes. The warm sunshine and white sand are what fans hoping for the second season.

Harries explained,

“Shows full of sunshine, full of light, full of beautiful landscapes are always important,” producer Harries says. “[…] People can’t go to the Balearic Islands right now and this is the next best thing.”

Furthermore, Tom Rhy Harries, who played  Axel shared a glimpse of what might happen in  White Lines season 2. Harries said,

 “I know that there are recces happening for season two; they’re location scouting, if and when that goes ahead or that was happening prior to the global pandemic.”

When will Netflix release White Lines season 2

Supposing Netflix will renew White Lines season 2, the second season will likely arrive in 2021. However,  there might be delays because of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

Image Courtesy Of Netflix/Youtube Screenshot


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