Tom Rhys teased ‘White Lines’ season 2, old cast to reprise roles

Netflix series White Lines season 2 is reportedly in the works despite premiering on Netflix just a week ago.

Netflix has just dropped its newest combined Spanish and English series White Lines on May 15. Helmed by Money Heist and The Crown creators, the show has already created a buzz in the entertainment industry. Hence, it is quite unsurprising that season 2 has already been teased by some of its cast.

Alex Pina is reportedly working on White Line’s season 2

Tom Rhys Harries, who played Axel Collins in the new hit, has revealed some specifics about the next season. The actor claimed that Alex Pina, one of the show’s creator, is already working on another installment.

Moreover, Harries shared that the team is already scouting new location prior to the global pandemic. He further stated,

“Everybody would be really keen to go back and visit Alex Pina’s world again, because it’s just so out there and colourful and sort of bonkers. It’s just a fun place to live in for a little bit.”

Daniel Mays and Angela Griffin on board to reprise their role

Daniel Mays, who plays Marcus, spoke about his hopes to continue the show after social distancing directives are lifted. He believes that the series is calling out for a second installment. Mays added,

 “None of it has been properly resolved. I don’t wanna give away too much but, yeah I’m just pitching for a second series.”

Mays co-star Angela Griffin, who stars as Marcus’ ex-wife Anna, agreed to his statement. Furthermore, the actress said that there are several things that need to change for another season to happen.

Griffin shared,

“Get past all of those social distancing things because Anna’s life isn’t about social distancing. She needs people to be able to touch each other.”

Nevertheless, she still confirmed that she is on board for another season. 

White Lines season 2 possible storyline

White Lines season 1 followed the story of Zoe Walker who left her Manchester home and returned to a Spanish island. She investigated the death of her brother Axel Collins, who disappeared mysteriously at a famed party island of Ibiza 20 years ago.

Zoe’s journey led her through a world of dance clubs, lies, and cover-ups. In a place where people live life on the edge, she confronted the darker sides of her own character. In the season’s finale, Zoe finally found some peace as she scattered her brother and father’s ashes by the ocean.

Even though Axel’s murder may have been solved, there’s still a lot of story left to tell. In the forthcoming season, fans will likely witness Zoe making a choice. She will either return home in Manchester, or stay behind in Ibiza and pursue her relationship with Boxer. If she chooses to stay, she will possibly end up embroiled in Calafat’s issue, which took direct control of the island’s drug trade.

Image Courtesy of Bestflix/Youtube Screenshot

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