Wholesome Direct to show off 50 cute and artsy indie games


The Wholesome Direct stream will show off a bevy of indie games this coming May 26.

The stream will come from Wholesome Games, a collective of indie titles that focus on cute and wholesome games. The digital event will stream this coming Tuesday at 1 PM ET/10 AM PT. The

Wholesome Direct stream will be live on Youtube. The focus of the event will be on the exclusive footage, dev interviews, and announcements from members of the collective. Over 50 indie game titles will participate in the event.

Wholesome Games stream to offer updates on 50 game titles

The upcoming presentation will have many different titles in store for fans of happy, calming, or cutesy titles. Titles like Ooblets, SkateBIRD, Chicory, Garden Story, and Spiritfarer are some of the games that will give out updates in the show.


The show will be a likely hit, considering strong indie titles rarely have proper curation. Ooblets, for example, is a farm-life sim-RPG reminiscent of Stardew Valley. The game is like a cutesy, 3D cross between Zelda and the later installments of Harvest Moon.

Garden Story is another adventure farm-sim that has the graphics of Earthbound and the playstyle of older Zelda games. The game looks enjoyable and packed with content to the brim.

Chicory is a colorful adventure using hand-drawn sprites and amazing color palettes. The game follows a dog wielding a magic paintbrush, which concurs the look of a 2D Okami game.

Among the titles with the biggest potential for Wholesome Direct include Book of Travels from Might and Delight. The game is an RPG set in a fairytale style world, with art reminiscent of the impressionist art movement of the mid-1800s. The artbook style is beautiful, if not serene.

Wholesome Games among the largest collective of indie games

The Wholesome Games collective started over a year ago by Matthew Taylor. Matthew is the co-founder of Catch & Release, an indie game dev that created games like Star Billions and Rolling Hills.

According to the website, they wanted to “bring attention to an emerging genre of games less concerned with how you play (shooter, platformer, etc.) and more concerned with how they made you feel.”

Since then, his team has members like Finji, Humble Bundle, Crytivo, Might and Delight, Mojiken Studio, and Tree Interactive. They also have Rose City Games, Something We Made, White Thorn Games, and Witchbeam in their ranks.

Wholesome Direct is a rare sighting and one of the largest concentrations of indie titles in one place. The other indie game group, Guerrilla Collective, will also have their event this coming June 6.

Images courtesy of Wholesome Games/Youtube Screenshots

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