Whoopi Goldberg dying, ‘fighting to survive’ due to ill health: rumor

Whoopi Goldberg was allegedly dying and wilting and was fighting to survive due to ill health.

Whoopi Goldberg was among the celebrities plagued with dying rumors. In December 2019, one tabloid claimed that she feared her health. She was allegedly convinced she was dying.

Whoopi Goldberg allegedly dying due to sickness

Globe published a report back in December, calling Whoopi Goldberg “Wheezing Whoopi.” The paper alleged that the Sister Act star was worried she wouldn’t make it into her 64th birthday due to her health. At the time, she had pneumonia and was hospitalized for the condition.

“Whoopi’s put on a brave face on things, but deep down she’s scared as hell her lungs are going to pack up on her,” a so-called source said.

“There was fear her ill health has caught up with her and it could be fatal,” the dubious source added.

“She thought she’d beaten the odds but it seems to have lingered and the worry is that her lungs haven’t fully recovered.”

The unidentified sources also alleged that Goldberg was sure of her fate in the way she threw her birthday party. It was allegedly not her style.

“Whoopi’s way of going out of style,” the tipster added.

“If this was to be her last birthday she wanted it to be a celebration to remember.”


Goldberg dying rumors debunked

Gossip Cop debunked the claim that Whoopi Goldberg was dying. She was indeed hospitalized due to pneumonia, but she has since fully recovered.

She has already returned to The View. The inaccurate report about Goldberg’s health coming from the Globe wasn’t surprising. The outlet has been known for making false reports about the celebrity.

Earlier this year, it also claimed that Goldberg was leaving The View due to her issues with Meghan McCain. Goldberg was allegedly “fed up” with McCain.

The publication also claimed that she threatened the producers that she would leave if they didn’t “put a leash” on McCain’s obnoxious behavior.

The report was false. Both McCain and Goldberg are still part of the show.

Celebrity plagued with dying rumors

Whoopi Goldberg was not the only celebrity subjected to dying rumors. Globe also published a report in October that Bill Clinton was dying.

The tabloid claimed that the former president was a “walking skeleton.” He allegedly only weighed 137 pounds amid his heart problems and Parkinson’s disease.

“I believe he is not long for this earth. He’s dying,” Clinton’s former aide Larry Nichols said.

On the contrary, Clinton is in good health.

Also, he already did several interviews after the report, and the ex-POTUS looked good. Besides, Nichols was not a reliable source. He made his career out of the conspiracy theories about the Clintons.

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