Whoopi Goldberg praised by Meghan Markle after lecturing her

Whoopi Goldberg

Meghan McCain has nothing but good words for her fellow The View host Whoopi Goldberg.

Meghan McCain paid tribute to Whoopi Goldberg in a post on Instagram, expressing her gratefulness for the moderator. This came after the 64-year-old TV personality seemed to lecture her about Amy Coney Barrett.

McCain praised Goldberg

It has been four years since McCain joined The View, but she remained grateful for Goldberg. Two weeks after the show’s Season 24 premiere, she reflected her time with the famed star.

“Getting to work with a living icon like @whoopigoldberg every day is still such a privilege and totally surreal,” she wrote, along with their side-by-side photo together. “Love you Whoop, thank you for your unending support, friendship and political perspective — I continue to learn from you every day.”

The daughter of the late Senator John McCain added she felt lucky to work on the ABC chat show while being surrounded by “incredible women.” Aside from the two, other show hosts are Joy Behar, Sunny Hostin, and Sara Haines.

Although McCain often has a debate with other hosts for being politically conservative, she’s proud of the work they do. According to People, they just laugh off the feud rumors about them behind the camera.

Goldberg lectured McCain

Just recently, Goldberg seemed to lecture McCain over the concerns she had about the potential Supreme Court appointee, Barrett. U.S. President Donald Trump’s pick believed her job would be about expanding God’s kingdom, and McCain had questions about it.

McCain complaint people attacked Barrett for her religion and having seven kids. Yahoo! noted it remained to be seen where McCain got her claims.

“My concern is when we lose the Senate, what happens when Democrats are in power and you have a Biden presidency and Democrats running the Senate?” she said. “This may be worth it to Republicans. I’m one of those people that think it probably is.”

She then talked about the rhetoric surrounding Barrett right now.

“When you start talking about Christian women like we’re all commanders wives in ‘The Handmaid’s Tale,” she continued. “You can radicalize people in the country.”

“I’m very anxious what’s going to happen going forward when it looks like she’s going to be nominated,” she concluded.

Goldberg then warned McCain, although she didn’t directly mention her. She said people shouldn’t make a claim someone was attacking Barrett and her faith.

The attacks were made because of her comments and how she used religion to make legal decisions.

Goldberg insisted Barrett would never be “Kavanaugh’ed” because Kavanaugh was an accused rapist.

“No one’s going to accuse her of anything,” Whoopi Goldberg stressed. “I haven’t seen people going after her for her religion. That’s something we should not also spread because then it becomes a whole other conversation.”

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