Why a coronavirus vaccine is not a cure-all solution

Why a coronavirus vaccine is not a cure-all solution

Robert Lambkin-Williams warned the public about the much-anticipated vaccine, citing that there is no proof of whether it would give foolproof protection against the coronavirus or not.

As COVID-19 disease continues to threaten the whole world, countries all around the globe were forced to hasten the development of a coronavirus vaccine. In fact, the estimated number of vaccines in progress today is around 141, as per the World Health Organization (WHO).

Experts like Dr. Anthony Fauci and virologist Robert Lambkin-Williams, however, are continuously asking the public not to get their hopes up and expect a reliable protection from coronavirus vaccine.

Last Friday, June 26, virologist Robert Lambkin-Williams of Virology Consult  Ltd talked with CNBC’s Squawk Box Europe. During the interview, the virologist has cautioned about the effectiveness of a vaccine.

Virologist warns about coronavirus vaccine’s efficacy

According to Lambkin-Williams, a coronavirus vaccine is not a “cure-all solution” to the pandemic. He explained that even now, there is still “no clear evidence” that shows COVID-19 produces antibodies that can protect a person from getting re-infected.

“The vaccine is not going to be a cure-all. We have not had a successful vaccine against this type of virus ever. We will get a vaccine of some description in the next couple of years, but it will not be perfect, and it will need to be developed going forward,” the virologist told CNBC.

Why a coronavirus vaccine is not a cure-all solution

Lambkin-Williams also added that people are expecting too much about the positive results the vaccine could yield. He said it is crucial to have a proof first whether “vaccines could help produce antibodies.”

On the one hand, he added that despite the uncertainty, the scientific community is still hopeful that coronavirus antibodies would keep the disease at bay and prevent a person from getting infected again.

Dr. Anthony Fauci, America’s leading health expert, also shares the same view. In his interview with CNN, the doctor said a “vaccine would not be fully efficient.”

“The best we have ever done is measles, which is 97% to 98% effective. That would be wonderful if we get there. I do not think we will. I would settle for 70%, 75% effective vaccine,” Dr. Fauci told CNN.

Follow preventive measures

Since a coronavirus vaccine, based on current studies, does not provide reliable protection, Lambkin-Williams advised the public to stick to preventive measures instead. He explained that mitigating the spread of the COVID-19 disease is the best way to prevent community transmission.

“We are going to have to adapt […] because in the Western Hemisphere, and the Northern Hemisphere particularly, we have normal colds and flu about to arrive,” he explained.

The virologist also noted the use of face-covering such as medical and fabric mask. He said using protective gear like a mask, along with proper and regular hand hygiene, can “keep the virus down” and protect people at a “community level.”

He also argued that economies could not be in lockdown any longer as it is “not good for the economy as well as for the people individually.”

“Mental health is an extremely vital component of anybody’s welfare,” the virologist said and added that we need to “learn to live with the coronavirus.”

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